Announce Your Next Pregnancy with Us Contest

We’ve seen some pretty amazing pregnancy announcements lately and as designers of personalized baby gifts, we love all of that creativity and would love to be a part of making your big news extra special. So of course we’re having a contest to help you break the news to friends and family and this contest is not just a one-time thing. Over the next 5 weeks we’ll be giving away one big sister tshirt or big brother t shirt each week!

If you’re pregnant and this isn’t your first, we’d love to have your wee one(s) wearing a big sister tshirt or big brother t shirt in your announcement. You can enter here: Announce Your Next Pregnancy with Us Contest

Contest_Personalized_Tees1 Contest_Personalized_Tees2 Contest_Personalized_Tees3

(Shown: Color It Up Big Brother T shirt, Only Child Expiring Big Sister Tshirt, and Something to Say Big Brother T shirt)

And of course, if you’re one of the winners randomly chosen over the next five weeks, we would love to share your announcement through our social media outlets, and even feature your story in our “In Real Life” blog series.

Want some pregnancy announcement inspiration? Check out several cool ideas here from Parents Magazine.

To enter to win one of our big sister shirts and big brother shirts for your next pregnancy announcement, please be sure to comment below before midnight PT on Friday, 4/24. You can enter once each week.

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Links We Love

Links We Love

We’re gearing up for a big contest announcement with our big sister shirts and big brother shirts first thing Monday so be sure to check back then, but in the meantime, here are a few links we absolutely loved this week.

Huffington Post – Image of 101-Year Old with Baby Sparks Unbelievable Response

BuzzFeed – 33 Genius Hacks Guaranteed to Make a Parents Job Easier

BuzzFeed – This Is What It Looks Like When Men are Allowed to Take 480 Days of Maternity Leave

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Mad Men inspired names

Are you as hooked on Mad Men as we are? We’re so sad it’s coming to an end soon. While there are some things portrayed on the show that we’re very glad to see have changed with the times, the amazing home décor, hairstyles, and clothes have been a design lover’s dream.

And if you’re as much into retro names as you are style, Mad Men is also a great source for some classic name inspiration. Check out our big brother shirts and big sister shirts below that offer a more modern twist on our favorite characters’ names.


Men in the 60’s dressed up in style and sported names like Don, Pete, and Roger. For a more current take on boys’ names inspired by Mad Men, consider the last names that made up the agency’s name – Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce. (Shown: Patterned Delight and Retro Style big brother shirts)

MadMen_Personalized_tees2 MadMen_Personalized_tees3

Women’s styles in the 60’s ran the gamut, from chic to ultra-mod to hippie, and names like Joan, Peggy, and Betty were popular. These “grandma” names are making a comeback, but look to their real life counterparts – Christina Hendricks, Elizabeth Moss, and January Jones – for inspiration. (Shown: Chic Style, Modern Fun and Blooms big sister shirts)

Have you considered a name from Mad Men, either its cast of characters or the actors themselves?

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1st Birthday Party Theme & Personalized Baby Gifts: Rainbows

April showers may bring May flowers, but they also bring beautiful rainbows. So while we’re hoping for lots of rain here in California, we’re going to enjoy some rainbow-themed 1st birthday party inspiration now.

We hope these rainbow themed décor, desserts, 1st birthday shirts, and personalized baby gifts brighten your wee one’s big day!

Rainbow_Personalized_Growth_Charts1 Rainbow_Personalized_Growth_Charts2

Does it get any sweeter than this brightly hued, candy coated rainbow party? Ideal personalized baby gifts: Birdie Buddies personalized growth chart or Colorful 1st birthday tee. (Kara’s Party Ideas)

Rainbow_Personalized_Growth_Charts3 Rainbow_Personalized_Growth_Charts4

Hearts and rainbows make for one super happy birthday. Ideal personalized baby gifts: My Favorites personalized growth chart or Party One 1st birthday tee. (Hostess with the Mostess)


Colorful juices, fruits, and veggies add natural yumminess, in addition to the sweet treats, at this rainbow party. Ideal personalized baby gifts: Color Me or My Town personalized growth charts. (One Little Project)

Rainbow_Personalized_Growth_Charts6 Rainbow_Personalized_Growth_Charts7 Rainbow_Personalized_Growth_Charts8

A DIY paint chip banner and a balloon pit add festive fun to this rainbow party’s décor. Ideal personalized baby gifts: Balloon and Happy Confetti 1st birthday shirts. (Hostess with the Mostess)

These super fun parties, along with the personalized growth charts and 1st birthday shirts, have definitely taken us somewhere over the rainbow! We hope they’ve inspired you as well.

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Personalized Baby Gifts to Show Mom the Love

It’s probably no big surprise that Mother’s Day is coming up quickly – May 10th in case you don’t already have it circled in red on your calendar – and you probably have a list of gifts you’d love to receive (hint hint, bling bling). As moms ourselves, we personally love gifts that allow us a bit of time to relax and indulge, but as designers of personalized baby gifts, we also think it’s super cute to have the little ones dressed up on Mother’s Day in personalized onesies and tees that show us mamas the love.

Mom_Personalized_Tees1 Mom_Personalized_Tees2 Mom_Personalized_Tees3

(Shown: I LOVE Mom, Heart 2 Heart Mom, Best Mom Ever, I HEART You Pick personalized onesies and tees)

A yummy brunch at a restaurant or a family photo session on the beach or at a park with the kiddos in their mom-themed personalized onesies and tees would be a really sweet way to spend the day. Follow that with a massage or mani/pedi while they nap would be especially ideal!

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Decor Trend: Sunburst Mirror

There’s something about a sunburst mirror that adds a touch of class to any room. That’s why we love seeing them in nurseries, they’re stylish, functional and can easily transition from nursery to big kid room (just like our personalized growth charts!), plus they can help make small spaces feel larger. And they’re just as perfect for boys or girls rooms as they are for gender neutral nurseries.

Here are some great nurseries that feature sunburst mirrors along with one of our personalized growth charts that we think would work really well with a similarly styled space.


We love the impact this large gold sunburst mirror adds to this classically, clean gray and white nursery with sweet animal accents. For a bit more color, we’d add the Animal Crackers personalized growth chart in Orange and Charcoal. (DIY on the Cheap)


A punchy yellow and pink palette gives the cool, bohemian vibe of this nursery, with a gorgeous sunburst mirror accented tented crib, the perfect touch of whimsy. We think the Sprinkled Flowers personalized growth chart in Pink & Pineapple would make a nice match for this room. (KFD Designs)


A bright orange sunburst mirror brightens up this quirky and cute dark green and navy owl themed nursery. Of course we can’t help but think of our Hoot Hoot personalized growth chart in Midnight Blue when we see this room. (The Homes I Have Made)


We’re seriously crushing on this crazy monkey wallpaper which is an ideal choice for a funky, modern safari themed nursery. With so much pattern going on in this room, we’d keep it simple with the Perfect Pennant personalized growth chart in Slate Gray. (Project Nursery)

If you have a sunburst mirror in your wee one’s space, which design from our collection of personalized growth charts would work with your décor theme?

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National Sibling Day is April 10

Hurray, today is National Sibling Day! And while we should celebrate our siblings, and help our own kids celebrate theirs, every single day; this “holiday” is a great reminder to show some sisterly and brotherly love.

National_Sibling_Day_Tees2 National_Sibling_Day_Tees1

We may be biased, but we think today would be an ideal time to have the kiddos wear their big sister shirts and big brother shirts to show off their sibling status and pride, or gift them with a big sister tshirt or big brother t shirt.  (Shown: Delightful Lettering Big Sister Tshirt, Whale of Fun Big Brother T shirt Looks Like Me Princess Big Big Sister Tshirt, Super Big Brother T shirt)

National_Sibling_Day_Tees3 National_Sibling_Day_Tees4

And if you’ve been planning to break the big news that your little one is about to become a “big,” National Sibling Day is a perfect time to do that.  To get them excited, present them with a little cake or special treat and a big sister tshirt or big brother t shirt that highlights their soon-to-be status.  (Shown: Color It Up Big Brother T shirt;  Something to Say and Only Child Expiring big sister shirts)

If you’d like some ideas on how you can help your kids celebrate their sibs in addition to wearing big sister shirts and big brother shirts, you can read our previous “Celebrate Siblings” post here and Parents Magazine’s article “How to Help Young Siblings Bond” here.  To create a strong bond, good family fun time is important and Parents also offers “10 Ideas to Create Meaningful Family Moments” here.

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Links We Love – Sibling Edition

Links We Love

We design personalized baby gifts, big sister shirts, and big brother shirts because we just love the impact children have on our lives and want their special presence in families to be commemorated and celebrated. So in honor of National Sibling Day we’ve decided to highlight some of our posts over the years that celebrate sibs.

Big Sister Shirts and Sister Sayings and Big Brother Shirts and Brother Sayings

3 Reasons Being a Big Sister Rocks and 3 Reasons Being a Big Brother Rocks

Beautiful Sibling Photography

Super Sibling Love


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Movable Nursery Decor Ideas

If you’ve seen the movie Boyhood, you know what an incredible experience it was to watch Mason and Samantha (Ellar Coltrane and Lorelei Linklater, respectively) grow up over the course of almost three hours. We loved it, but one scene made us totally cringe – when Mason has to paint over the pencil marks on his bedroom wall marking his height when the family have to move. All we kept thinking was, “oh no, no no! He needs a personalized growth chart!”

It’s so painful to see those memories covered over with paint, but we know moving homes happens. And for some families, especially those in the military, it can happen a lot. That’s why we wanted to share some décor tips that anyone can use now that can also easily move right along with you if need be. Plus, having some consistency in a child’s room décor adds a sense of stability and is comforting for kids (and us adults too).


Gallery walls are such a big trend right now because they add interest, and a custom look, to a room. While they can be time consuming to create, if you’re using removable picture hangers (3M has a huge range of options), you can make a gallery art installation without ruining the wall or having to fill and paint over a bunch of hole when you move. You can then either recreate it exactly the same in your new space or mix things up a bit next time.


Removable wall stickers can be used to create a wallpaper-like design and add real impact to a room, but without the commitment of wallpaper or paint. While most can’t be reused once removed, they are a stylish way to make a room feel personalized.


Personalized growth charts of course are ideal because they’re as much decorative as they are a record of your child’s height and milestones, and you can bring them along no matter where or how often you move. (Shown: Sprinkled Flowers, Cheeky Dot, and Blast Off personalized growth charts)


Pennants continue to be a popular room décor trend and a DIY one, like the one here, allows you to make one that coordinates perfectly with your little one’s décor, plus it’s easy to pack up and move along with you.

And if you’re a renter, check out a few more tips here.

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Party Theme & Personalized Baby Gifts Ideas: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

We love the lullaby “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” for its calming effect on our kiddos and also as an adorable theme for baby showers and birthday parties.  We’ve found some fantastic party ideas and pulled them together along with ideal personalized baby gifts for each.

Party_Personalized_Tees1 Party_Personalized_Tees2

This festive drink station in pink and aqua with star accents is perfect for either a birthday party or baby shower. Ideal Personalized baby gifts:  star themed 1st birthday shirts, like 1st Year Fun birthday shirt, or personalized onesies, like Superhero Shield. (Party Details at Project Nursery here)

Party_Personalized_Tees3 Party_Personalized_Tees4

Warm metallic stars with pops of blue give this dessert table a dreamy feel. Ideal Personalized baby gifts: star themed personalized growth chart, like Shooting Star, or similarly hued personalized onesies, like the Classic Monogram. (Party details at Hostess with the Mostess)

Party_Personalized_Tees5    Party_Personalized_Tees6


Darker shades with stars create the feel of a nighttime sky, perfect for the guest of honor to truly shine. Ideal Personalized baby gifts: Starry night sky themed personalized growth charts, like Hoot Hoot, or similarly colored 1st birthday shirts or personalized onesies, like the Superhero Birthday or Happy to Be. (Party details on PopSugar Moms)

We hope these Twinkle Twinkle Little Star party ideas and personalized baby gifts helped you get some festive ideas for a baby shower or your little one’s birthday party.

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