Our Holiday Themed Personalized Onesies & Tees are Here

We love this time of year when the holidays just flow one after another. We also love that we get to bring our cheerful holiday themed designs back into our line of personalized baby gifts!

Our holiday looks come in all of the different styles of personalized onesies, short sleeve, long sleeve, and baseball sleeve in festive wintery themes, Christmas and Hanukkah designs, and even super cute ones that incorporate your child’s picture.


Here are some of our holiday themed personalized baby gifts.

And don’t forget, with any order of personalized growth charts, big sister shirts, big brother shirts, 1st birthday shirts, etc, you’ll receive 10 Free Mini Cards (ends 11/02/14) perfect for a range of occasions. They’re ideal for adding to any personalized baby gifts.

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Holiday Photo Tips & Ideas

It’s almost November, which means the holidays are upon us, along with a list of a million things to do. If holiday photos and cards are on that list, you’re probably feeling pressured to come up with some Pinterest-worthy photo shoot ideas. We all have visions of winter wonderlands with our loving family cuddled together, but reality can be a whole other story. Right?!

Here are some funny examples from Awkward Family Photos of what NOT to do, along with some good tips (and cute shots of kids in big sister shirts, big brother shirts and holiday tees) to make sure your holiday photos and photo cards are not cringe inducing in the future.


Festive attire is a great idea, BUT there’s a limit and we think this family exceeded it a bit. Dressing kids in holiday themed tees, like these from our line of personalized baby gifts, is a cute way to show the joy of the season without overdoing it.


Props are ideal, but again there’s no need to overdo it. We think the simplicity of the Let It Snow sign with the coordinating red sleeved Naughty but Nice tee and Colorful Big Sister Tshirt express the sentiment of the holidays perfectly.


Ok, in all honesty, who doesn’t have a family photo like this one? If you remember being dressed in identical (dare we say over-the-top) outfits for Christmas, then you know your kids will probably prefer to wear coordinating big brother shirts and big sister shirts any day than some crazy get up like red gingham jumpers. (Shown: Stamped Style Big Sister Tshirt and Big Brother T shirt; Patterned Delight Big Sister Tshirt and Big Brother T shirt)


We get it, you’re proud of your kids’ accomplishments, but there’s a subtler way to incorporate their hobbies and interests in your holiday photo – and remember, you can always include awards, recognitions, etc in a year-end recap included inside the card. (Shown: Rock On Big Brother T shirt and Around the World Big Sister Tshirt)

If these photos gave you a good laugh, we recommend you head on over to Awkward Family Photos for even more laugh out loud moments!

For more holiday photo tips, check out our previous post here. And don’t forget, with any order of personalized growth charts, big sister shirts, big brother shirts, 1st birthday shirts, etc, you’ll receive 10 Free Mini Cards perfect for a range of occasions.

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Sneak Peek #2 – New Big Sister Shirts, Big Brother Shirts and 1st Birthday Shirts

Last week we shared a sneak peek at new big sister shirts and big brother shirts we collaborated on with Kal Barteski of Inspired Things (see here). We also shared two similar big sister tshirt designs and two similar big brother t shirt designs on our social media accounts and asked for feedback because we always love to hear from you, our dear fans.

This week we have another preview of more new big sister shirts and big brother shirts, as well as 1st birthday shirts, this time created in collaboration with Lindsay of Lindsay Letters. Lindsay is known for stylish prints, cards, and gifts designed with her cool calligraphy. She’s a mama and her love of fonts is equal to ours so we were thrilled to work together on new offerings for our line of personalized baby gifts.


Here are two big sister tshirt designs. Which big sister tshirt do you prefer?


What about these two big brother t shirt designs? Which big brother t shirt is your favorite?


Check out these 1st birthday shirt, which color would you choose?

Now that you’ve seen some of the newest additions to our line of personalized baby gifts, what do you think? Any designs or colors you’d like to see?

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Thanksgiving Themed Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Did you see our recent post on Facebook with Halloween-themed pregnancy announcements we found on Today.com? There were some super cute ideas perfect for this time of year! If you’re planning to make an announcement any time over the next couple of weeks, we have some Thanksgiving inspired ideas to make that special announcement.


A chalkboard menu theme, like this one on An Average Brunette, is so adorable for the food-centric holiday. And if this isn’t your first, having your kiddo(s) wearing a similarly themed big brother t shirt or big sister tshirt, like the Something to Say design, in the shot would be a great way to include them in the big news.


The holiday is about giving thanks so with a new blessing on the way, a “thankful heart” theme in autumnal colors is a sweet direction to take with an announcement. We love the idea of a photo announcement with the parents-to-be posed while holding personalized onesies, like the Heart 2 Heart Mom or Dad customized with the word Baby instead of a name or the Happy Hearts with the due date instead of a birth date.


We love this table setting from PopSugar Moms and think it would make a super cute setting for a pregnancy announcement photo – just write Baby on a place card and sit your wee one(s) at the table dressed in similarly hued big brother shirts and/or big sister shirts. (Shown: Color It up Big Sister Tshirt and Playful Doodles Big Brother T shirt)

Did you incorporate a holiday theme into your pregnancy announcement?

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Big Sister Shirts & Welcome Cakes

We think a party is definitely in order when bringing home baby. And if you’ve got another little one already at home, we suggest gifting them with a big sister tshirt or big brother t shirt in addition to a yummy cake! Last week we paired big brother t shirt designs with different welcome cakes (here) and had planned to do something similar this week when decided to switch things up a bit.

Right now we’re kind of obsessed with the ombre rose cake we’re seeing all over Pinterest and think they are so perfect for any party for a baby girl or new big sister.




We think a perfect welcome home party would feature these frosted rose cakes and floral themed Blooms or Flower Power big sister shirts or complementary colored Only Child Expiring Big Sister Tshirt with coordinating “little” tees as ideal personalized baby gifts to celebrate the new family unit. (Rose Bakes; Bakepedia; Niki’s Sweet Side)

The link on Bakepedia also offers a recipe which we can’t wait to make sometime soon!

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Alphabet Poster Gift Pairings

Parents-to-be will go crazy for customized gift sets inspired by the theme of the baby’s nursery. Knowing that alphabet posters are always a welcome addition to a baby’s room, we’ve pulled together some personalized baby gifts that would work well with differently themed posters.


The Zoo Friends Alphabet Poster perfectly pairs with animal themed personalized onesies, like the Gentle Giraffe or Animal Pile.


Elephants are a popular nursery theme, which means you can’t go wrong with the Little Peanut Alphabet Poster and either the Joyful Elephant or Modern Type personalized onesies.


Keeping with the wall art theme, combining a personalized growth chart with a coordinating alphabet poster are gifts that would make a big impact in baby’s new room and take a little decorating stress off the new parents. The School Days Alphabet Poster and Perfect Pennant Personalized Growth Chart nicely complement each other without being too matchy-matchy.

Have you created custom personalized baby gifts using alphabet posters?

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In Real Life: Jenny’s Mustache Themed Baby Shower

One of the newest members of the Petite Lemon family is about to welcome a new member to her family. Jenny, our marketing maven, is having a baby boy soon and recently had a baby shower with a black & white and aqua mustache theme to celebrate his upcoming arrival.

Check out these shots of her absolutely adorable shower:


And since a name has not been chosen for her little man yet, Jenny asked for personalized onesies monogrammed with “M” for her last name.

We’re so thrilled to have Jenny as part of our family and can’t wait to meet her new addition!

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Big Brother Shirts & Welcome Cakes

When you bring baby home from the hospital, big brother or sister may still have some misgivings. A sweet way to welcome baby into the family and make siblings happy is with a cake and some personalized baby gifts for all the little ones.

Here are some big brother shirts with coordinating personalized onesies and cakes.


Welcome a baby girl into the family with an aqua and peach cake, as well as a Playful Doodles Big Brother T shirt and coordinating “little” onesie. (Alabama Baby)


Boys will love an animal themed cake and a Merry Menagerie Big Brother T shirt with a matching “little” onesie. (Cake Theater)


Kiddos will love a cheery, colorful cake and a Taped Up Big Brother T shirt with matching “little” onesie to welcome baby home. (Cake Central)

We’ll share some big sister shirts and cakes next week.

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How Nursery Decor Color Affects Baby

Choosing a color for your baby’s nursery is often inspired by your favorite color or a particular theme you have in mind. And while we think a nursery should reflect your personal aesthetic and what makes you happy, it’s also a good idea to consider the impact your color choices may have on your baby.

This is not to say you can’t use certain hues, but you may want to use them in moderation or as accents.


Neutrals – While calming, neutrals like gray and brown can feel a little flat if not paired with an uplifting color. We love pairing neutrals with shades of aqua, orange, or yellow for a pretty, playful combo. (Shown: Vintage Circus and 1 to 10 personalized growth charts)


Brights- As much as we love bold, bright colors, for a nursery it’s all about balance. Primary colors offer needed stimulation for babies, but overstimulation can make a baby cranky so use in moderation like only painting one accent wall or choosing one boldly colored piece of furniture, then use white furniture or décor pieces to keep it feeling fresh and light. (Shown: All About Love and the Tealicious Name It personalized growth charts)


Pastels – Soothing pastels create a calm environment for baby, which is perfect for a good night’s sleep. For an ideal learning environment though, you may also want to use darker shades of pastels or a bright color here and there to enliven the space. (Shown: Doodle It Up and Sprinkled Flowers personalized growth charts)

For more information on the impact of different colors, check out the article here on Project Nursery.

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10 FREE Mini Cards with Personalized Baby Gifts

The holidays are upon us, which means all kinds of parties, showers, and get togethers. So in addition to buying a host of presents like personalized baby gifts, there’s also plenty of need for cards for thank yous, birthdays, congratulations, etc.

Of course we’re here to help with the cutest assortment of personalized baby gifts, but we’ve also got you covered when it comes to cards too! From Tuesday, October 21 through Sunday, November 2, we’re giving away a set of 10 free mini cards with any order of our shirts, including personalized onesies, 1st birthday shirts, big brother shirts, and big sister shirts, as well as décor, including personalized growth charts, alphabet posters, and photo posters.


These mini cards are perfect for an array of occasions and make ideal additions to any gift too. You’re welcome!


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