Party Ideas & Personalized Baby Gifts for Halloween

Pumpkins, candy, trick or treating in costume, pretty black kitties, owls, what’s not to love about Halloween?! So embrace the holiday when it comes to little ones with birthdays on or near Halloween by using the best elements of the day for their baby shower or birthday party theme.

Here are some spooktactular ideas for parties and personalized baby gifts with Halloween themes.


For birthday party entertainment, go classic with bobbing for apples or put a holiday twist on piñatas (pumpkin or ghost shaped) or pin the nose on the witch instead of pin the tail on the donkey. The fabulous party and lifestyle blog Oh Happy Day offers a DIY on these super adorable mini ghost piñatas seen here (DIY here).

Halloween_Personalized_Shirts1 Halloween_Personalized_Shirts2

For personalized baby gifts, you can’t go wrong with tshirts and onesies with cute monsters, ghosts, owls or pumpkins. (Shown: Playful Owls Big Sister Tshirt and Big Brother T shirt; Boo, Pumpkin Trio, and Monster Monogram personalized onesies)


For dessert, decorate cookies and cupcakes or create an old fashioned candy bar with glass jars filled with a range of treats.  (Hostess with the Mostess blog)

Hope these ideas for parties and personalized baby gifts lifted your spirits in time for Halloween!

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Personalized Growth Chart Highlight: Monsterrific

It’s been two years since we introduced the Monsterrific personalized growth chart and we’re still in love with its cute, not-so-creepy design.  With Halloween on the horizon, we thought now was a good time to shine the light on this adorably designed chart that puts a happy twist on monsters.

A little background on the Monsterrific personalized growth chart:

Designed by: Alma Loveland

Inspired by:  A combination of a love of fun, creative fonts, plus the rise in popularity of adorable monsters, like those in Monsters Inc and the Ugly Dolls, provided the inspiration for this chart design.

Launch date:  2012


(Shown: Monsterrific personalized growth charts in Primary and Candy colors)

Does your little one love monsters too? If so, combine the Monsterrific growth chart with other monster themed personalized baby gifts like the Monsterrific alphabet poster or Monster Monogram personalized onesies or tshirts for a truly unique gift set.

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PL in Real Life: Kim

November is National Adoption Awareness Month and November 22 is National Adoption Day, which are both nice reminders of the importance of adoption and foster care, but adoption is obviously something that should happen and be celebrated year round.  This week, as part of our In Real Life series where we showcase children who have products from our line of personalized baby gifts, we place the spotlight on Kim and her adorable sons, the youngest of which was recently welcomed into the family via adoption.

1. What are your kiddos’ names and ages?

Jake is 3 years old. Weston is 6 weeks old.

2. Adoption is a beautiful thing. Who did you celebrate it with?

All of our celebrations include our amazing family.

3. What are some tips or words of wisdom you’d give to families considering adoption?

The adoption process can be a roller coaster of emotions – from the time you choose adoption until the baby is in your arms. Don’t let the disappointments get you down, because you will have them. Choose to enjoy the journey and have faith that your time will come.

4. What are your favorite Petite Lemon products and why?

I love the personalized onesies and shirts!

5. What is your favorite social media platform?

I enjoy Facebook the most because it is how I engage with my family and friends from all over. We have close family in other states and I love the ability to share pictures and videos of our cute kiddos with them.

6. What is your fav blog right now? It happens to be written by my niece but I love it! I love her fun ideas on cooking, decorating and family activities.

7. What is your fave Instagram?

I follow my friends and family – they are the most important people to me.

8. Define motherhood in one word:



Thank you Kim, we’re always so thrilled to hear from parents of kiddos who have our personalized baby gifts. And aren’t these shots of Jake in his Under Construction Big Brother T shirt and Weston in his coordinating little brother onesie just the sweetest?! Nothing makes us happier!

If your little one has our personalized growth charts, big sister shirts, big brother shirts, etc., we’d love to hear from you! Please email us at buzz (at) petitelemon (dot) com to be featured in an upcoming In Real Life post.

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Perfect Pairings: Cakes & 1st Birthday Shirts

Cake and ice cream is the quintessential pairing at a birthday party, but at a first birthday party, things are a little bit different. This is baby’s first time eating cake after all and it is serious photo opp time! That means what baby is wearing has also got to be photo-worthy, so we thought it was a good idea to pair up smash cakes/cakes with 1st birthday shirts that would create the perfect accent to your must-have picture taking moment of baby on their big day.


And if you’re planning to make your baby’s first birthday cake instead of buying one, we found this great round up of cakes from Betty Crocker which are easy to create and look great! Don’t the Party One, Happy Confetti, Watercolor Fun, Cake Time, Colorful Number, and Fun to Be One 1st Birthday Shirts look amazing next to each coordinating cake?

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Décor Trend: Wood Elements

Wood is such a gorgeous, warm design element we can’t help but gravitate towards it. It’s a look that works all year long, but is especially inviting in the fall as we crave cozier styles. And it’s so versatile. Wood looks beautiful on floors, walls, ceilings, and of course as décor pieces in a room that’s super chic or totally rustic.

For inspiration, we’ve chosen some of our favorite nurseries with wood designs and then paired them with personalized growth charts that would accent them perfectly.


We adore the light wood ceiling and wood and brass décor pieces, but it’s the quirky animal accents that give this sophisticated nursery the perfect touch of whimsy every nursery needs, which is why we think the Vintage Circus personalized growth chart would fit in quite nicely. (Design Dump blog)


Not only is this wall treatment divine, the whole colorful room is just fun, fun, fun – and how cute would the Picture Me personalized growth chart, in matching hues of orange, blue, and lime green, be in it?! (Project Nursery)


Dark chocolate wood floors with white plush rugs feels super luxe, but the pennants and woodland creatures in warm neutrals, similar to the ones in the Woodland Fun personalized growth chart, give the room an overall comfy feel. (Living Beautifully DIY blog)

Have you incorporated natural wood elements on the walls, floor, or ceiling in your baby’s room? If so, which of our personalized growth charts would best accent the nursery’s décor?

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Ideas for No-Name Personalized Baby Gifts

As designers of personalized baby gifts, names are kind of our thing. But we know that there are times when a baby’s name hasn’t been revealed or even decided upon, or parents aren’t comfortable having their wee one’s name on a tshirt. That doesn’t mean they can’t get a customized gift from us, so we thought we’d showcase a few ways we create no-name personalized onesies, big sisters shirts, and big brother shirts.


A monogram with either the initial of the family’s last name or the baby’s name is a perfect way to create personalized baby gifts without actually using a name. (Shown: Scallop Monogram and Classic Monogram personalized onesies; Super Big Brother T shirt)


Custom sayings on personalized onesies, big sister shirts, and big brother shirts are another fun option to make a tee unique. (Shown: My Dad Rules and I Love You Pick personalized onesies; Only Child Expiring Big Sister Tshirt; Patterned Delight Big Brother T shirt)


Personalized baby gifts can also incorporate a pet’s name or a favorite sports team. (Shown: Mom Heart 2 Heart and Batter Up personalized onesies)

Did you know we offered these options for non-name personalized baby gifts? If you want to create custom versions, just enter the info in our Special Instructions Box or email us at contact @ petitelemon (dot) com.


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Petite Lemon In Real Life

It’s always fulfilling to hear from our customers about how our personalized baby gifts are a part of their kiddos’ lives. That’s why we started our In Real Life series and it’s one of our favorite types of posts to write. This week we have Erin of Loving Henry blog, who answers our questions about mommyhood and raising a sweet boy who was born 12 weeks premature, which makes marking his growth on one of our personalized growth charts that much more rewarding.


(Caption: Eddie reading his favorite book, Goodnight Moon, next to his Junior Varsity personalized growth chart.)

What is your child’s name and age?

Eddie, age 2

What milestones do you look forward to most?

Eddie was born under very unique circumstances.  He unexpectedly came 12 weeks early and weighed only 2 1/2 lbs and was just 14 inches long.  And due to his prematurity, he spent the first nine weeks of his life in the NBICU so he could grow, learn to breathe, and learn to eat.

Preemies, especially ones as early (and even earlier) as Eddie, face incredible obstacles.  Crucial organs like the lungs and brain are still forming and developing in the womb when they are born and tiny babies expend extreme energy to make up the difference.  My husband and I watched Eddie fight each day in the hospital and do his best to grow, but he would have set backs.  We waited and tried our best to be patient so that Eddie could be well enough to come home but it was hard.  We didn’t know what lay ahead of him or what his life would be like in the future and at times it terrified us.

Thankfully, Eddie’s story had a happy ending.  We brought him home when he was 37 weeks gestation and had grown to, what was for us, a very chubby 5 lbs.  We eventually realized that each and every milestone Eddie would reach after his scary beginning was worth celebrating over.  We were beside ourselves when he rolled over, we cheered when he sat up, and we were positively beaming when he mastered walking.  And by the time he was talking and speaking in sentences, we were over the moon.  Thanks to him, we don’t take much for granted.

What are some tips or advice you’d give to a new mom with a preemie?

My biggest piece of advice for preemie parents is to be present.  Attend the daily rounds on your baby.  It can be hard to make it in time each day but it is worth it to know every aspect of your child’s treatment and what will come next.  Along with that, ask questions.  Ask, ask, and ask some more.  Familiarize yourself with your baby’s medications and oxygen levels and give honest feedback to your child’s healthcare providers.

Get to know your baby’s doctors.  Take the time to talk with them and let them know that you are an active part of your baby’s recovery.  But even more than that, find nurses that you trust and feel comfortable with.  They will be the ones who will be with your baby most and they will be your eyes and ears when you can’t be in the hospital.  Once you find the ones you absolutely adore, don’t let them go and let them know how much they mean to your family.

What are your favorite Petite Lemon products and why?

Our family loves Eddie’s colorful growth chart.  He talks about each sport when he sees it and I think it will be a fun keepsake for him as he gets older.

What do you enjoy most about Instagram/blogging?

I am a big fan of social media largely for the fact that it helps me stay connected with family and friends that I would otherwise hardly ever hear from.  And for my family in particular, our blog has become especially important for us to share stories about our children, our marriage, and our adventures.  It is a nice time capsule of our lives and I hope our kids will enjoy reading it when they have families of their own.

What is your fav blog right now?  

I have many blogs that I follow religiously but the one that always sticks with me is  Marta is a personal friend of mine but even if she weren’t, I would still gravitate to her blog and her IG profile.  Her writing is thoughtful and polished and I’m continuously inspired by her devotion to her faith and her family.

What is your fave IG?  

I like following @realbrookewhite.  She’s a musician and a business woman but she’s a mom first.  I appreciate that she isn’t afraid to share honest posts about her worries and insecurities.

Define motherhood in one word:


Wow, thank you Erin for sharing such an incredible story. We loved your advice on being present, it’s good advice for all of us parents who are often so distracted by a million things, and we’re so glad Eddie is using one of our personalized growth charts to record his amazing milestones.

We’re looking forward to sharing more In Real Life stories with our personalized baby gifts with our readers soon. If you have a story to share, please email us at buzz @ petitelemon (dot) com.

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5 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas with Big Sister Shirts & Big Brother Shirts

If you’re more into DIY Halloween costumes than store bought ones, plus you want something that’s totally easy to make and age appropriate, we have a few ideas that incorporate big sister shirts and big brother shirts. Plus the tees can be worn afterwards too!


Sunny Flower Big Sister Tshirt + green leggings for the stem + DIY petal mask (steps here) = Flower

Blooms Big Sister Tshirt + grass skirt + flower in the hair = Hula Girl


Super Big Brother T shirt + long sleeve button up shirt (unbuttoned) + pants + nerd glasses = Undercover Superhero

Dig In Big Brother T shirt + jeans + boots + tool belt = Construction Worker

Batter Up Big Brother T shirt + baseball pants + baseball hat = baseball player

Which big brother shirts or big sister shirts do you have that can be used for a Halloween costume? Share your ideas with us!

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1st Birthday Party Planning & Inspiration

A baby’s first birthday is such a special day, which is why we offer a fun collection of 1st birthday shirts, but there are a lot of things to keep in mind when planning the party. Some people keep it simple, while others take it totally over-the-top. Regardless of the size of the party, it’s good to have a checklist.

Parents Magazine has a list of good questions to ask yourself when planning the party – see here– and if you’d like some inspiration for parties, check out our Pinterest page here. There’s a mix of DIYs, printable infographics, cakes, party décor and favor ideas, and of course themes perfect for pairing with our 1st birthday shirts.


(Shown: So Cute, Fun to Be One, Balloon 1st birthday shirts)

Are you planning a 1st birthday party?

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1st Birthday Party Locations

Are you scratching your head trying to figure out where to have your baby’s first birthday party? If you’d like to have a fun party somewhere besides your own house, we’ve pulled together a few ideas to consider, plus some shirts from our line of personalized baby gifts that would be perfect to wear there.


The Beach. Store bought decorations aren’t necessary with the natural beauty of the beach and its wealth of rocks, seashells, etc, plus who doesn’t love building sandcastles? (Shown: Happy Birthday and  Watercolor Fun 1st birthday shirts)


The Park. A playground for kids to climb and play on means stress-free (and mess-free) entertaining, plus it’s the perfect setting for an easy picnic or bbq meal. (Shown: Playful Party Hat and Balloon  1st birthday shirts)


Local Farm, Animal Park or Zoo. Kids love animals, so an opportunity to interact with them or learn more about them will be a hit. (Shown: Foxy Fox, Gentle Giraffes and Growing Gator 1st birthday shirts)

Three other party locations that allow kids to run around or get creative:

  1. Local hobby or toy store
  2. Gymnastics or trampoline center
  3. Amusement center or pizza place

What is your favorite place to throw a child’s birthday party? Do you give personalized baby gifts that coordinate with the location’s theme?

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