Top 5 Functional Nautical-Themed Nursery Décor

In design, combining form and function is an ideal. When it comes to nurseries, it’s practically mandatory! Using functional décor pieces, like personalized growth charts, lamps, rugs,  etc that complement with your nursery theme gives you more bang for your decorating budget.

For a nautical theme, look to various shades of blue and add in pops of green or red. Also, iconic shapes like anchors, boats, knots, and sea creatures bring the theme to life.  Here are 5 of our favorite functional ways to add a nautical theme.


1. Navy Perfect Pennant, Under the Sea, and Spell My Name personalized growth chart


2. Nautica Kids Brody Lamp & Shade from Toys ‘R Us


3. Nautica Kids Zachary Hamper from Bed Bath & Beyond


4. Caden Lane Preppy Navy Crib Bedding from Layla Grace


5. Liz & Roo Anchor Changing Pad Cover from Kids ‘N Cribs


And while this rope stencil isn’t exactly functional, we just absolutely love it and think it would be perfect on the wall behind a white crib or even inside a door-free closet. (Artfire)

If you’re planning a nautical themed nursery, we hope these functional décor pieces inspired you!

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Top 5 Ways to Announce A New Baby Is on the Way

We’re always so impressed with the fun, innovative ways people announce they’re pregnant, especially when they incorporate the new sibling-to-be. We think it’s super cute to involve your wee one(s) when spreading the news a baby is on the way and of course think it’s awesome when parents dress their kiddos in our big brother shirts and big sister shirts to do it.

We thought this idea featured on Huffington Post was beyond adorable, as were the other ideas at the bottom of this sister-to-be’s story.


If you’d like even more inspiration for announcing your pregnancy, here are some previous posts with ideas:

Pregnancy Announcements

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Announce Your Pregnancy with Big Brother Shirts & Big Sister Shirts

Petite Lemon Big Brother Shirts & Big Sister Shirts To Announce Pregnancy

Whatever you do, the news itself is the most important thing and the people you share it with will be over- the-moon happy for you. Having a little fun with it is just icing on the cake!

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Petite Lemon in Real Life Recap

This year we started a series of blog posts called Petite Lemon in Real Life which brought real stories of families who have products from our line of personalized baby gifts and shined a light on how their personalized growth chart, big sister tshirt, big brother t shirt, etc created a treasured memory or helped make an event even more special.

1Brock_Sophie 2DSC_0137_blog

We got to meet Sophie and Brock who celebrated their sibling bond with the Patterned Delight Big Sister Tshirt and Little Brother onesie (here), as well as Evangeline and Calvin in their matching Kids Play Big Sister Tshirt and Little Brother onesie (here).

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 5.52.43 PM 5GO4A7409_blogimages

Of course, it wasn’t all big sisters. We also met Jack in his Merry Menagerie Big Brother T shirt and his little brother Luke in the Color It Up onesie (here), and learned how adoption created a beautiful family with bros Jake and baby Weston, looking adorable in their matching Under Construction Big Brother T shirt and onesie (here).

6Screen-Shot-2014-03-13-at-9.04.33-PM 7Screen-Shot-2014-06-12-at-3.50.38-PM

We saw how Jake has grown up alongside his Monkey Pals personalized growth chart (here), while Sarah of Merely Mother’s little girl got to put her personalized growth chart in her own room when they moved from a small rental to their newly bought house (here). And seeing Eddie, who was born 12 week prematurely and faced some big obstacles, looking so strong and happy next to his personalized growth chart, really made us smile.

8Mustache 9DSC_4094-1024x683

Knowing that our personalized onesies and tees made celebrations, like Jenny’s baby shower (here), and twins Graham & Eric’s 1st birthday in their matching My 1st Birthday shirts (here), even more special is truly the incentive to keep designing for our line of personalized baby gifts.

We can’t wait to feature more In Real Life stories of our customers’ kids in their personalized baby gifts in the New Year. If your wee ones receive a personalized growth chart, big sister tshirt, big brother t shirt, holiday themed personalized onesies or tees, etc for Christmas or Hanukkah, please send us a picture and some info to buzz (@) petitelemon (.) com.

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Last Chance Holiday Sale

Looking for last minute gifts for little ones that are still awesome and unique? Personalized baby gifts are the answer and yes, you still have time. And because you’re probably stressed out at this point, we’re going to make it a bit easier and give you $10 off any purchase of $40 or more today, Dec 17 and tomorrow 12/18.


Use code luckyyou10 at checkout when purchasing any of our personalized growth charts, big sister shirts, big brother shirts, 1st birthday shirts, holiday themed personalized onesies and tees, and more.


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Beyond Pink and Blue

While pink and blue are a pretty standard choice for nurseries, and really can’t be beat, there is such a wide range of hues and color combos that can be used to create a beautiful space for baby. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite colorful nurseries (and personalized growth charts) we’ve featured over the year so you can see just how easy and stylish it can be to add non-pink/blue color options to a nursery.


Purple & Gray


Color Pop





What color(s) do you love most for your wee one’s space? Which of our personalized growth charts would complement it most?


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Design Dilemma: Grayson’s First Birthday Party

With a birthday at the holidays, it’s really important to make sure baby’s celebration is all about them, not the holiday they share it with. And when the party takes place in a house that’s already been decorated for Christmas, making the party décor feel special is imperative. That’s the dilemma our blog contributor Noelle is facing for her baby girl Grayson’s first birthday party next week.

Like Grayson’s nursery, the party’s color scheme is pink and white with silver stars. Earlier this year she wrote a post on big sister shirts and welcome cakes (here) and was inspired by the pink ombre rose cake, which is fitting since Grayson’s middle name is Rose. Noelle has convinced her mom to make one for the party and plans to serve it on her favorite vintage square cut crystal cake stand.


She has more party and décor decisions to make though, and because we always get such great feedback from our dear blog readers on our line of personalized baby gifts, we thought we would ask for your help and have you vote on a couple of options Noelle is considering.


Of course, Grayson will be wearing one of our 1st birthday shirts on her big day and Noelle is torn between these two. (Shown: 1st Cupcake and Birthday Girl 1st birthday shirts)


Noelle fell in love with the birthday hats and crowns from Little Blue Olive when we did a giveaway with them earlier this year. Which of these two glittery hats should she choose?


To piñata or not to piñata? (Party City)


For the dessert table, should she go with a Hot Pink or Light Pink Tablecloth and what about adding a clear silver star tablecloth overlay? (Oriental Trading Company)

Please let us know your feedback in the Comments section, we’d love to hear your thoughts. And we’ll be sure to do a follow up with pictures from Grayson’s first birthday party.


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Top Baby Names of 2014

Now that we’re in December, the “best of” and top 10 lists of pretty much anything and everything are coming at us in full force. One of our favorites that we never get tired of, of course, is the top baby names of the year. Babycenter recently released theirs (here), which is based on search popularity, as opposed to the one from the Social Security Administration that is based on names from registered birth certificates. Either way, we love seeing how some names stay on trend for YEARS, while others come and go off the top 10 list rather quickly.

Here’s the list of the top 10 baby names for 2014 for both boys and girls, with big sister shirts and big brother shirts as visuals.


  1. Liam Emma    (Delightful Lettering Biggest Big Brother T shirt and Big Sister Tshirt)


2 Noah Olivia        (Delightful Lettering Bigger Big Brother T shirt and Big Sister Tshirt)


3 Ethan Sophia        (Delightful Lettering Big Big Brother T shirt and Big Sister Tshirt)


4 Mason Ava        (Bold & Bright Big Brother T shirt and Big Sister Tshirt)


5 Logan Isabella        (Playful Doodles Big Brother T shirt and Big Sister Tshirt)


6 Lucas Mia      (Only Child Expiring Big Brother T shirt and Big Sister Tshirt)


7 Jacob Charlotte       (Love to Sketch Big Brother T shirt and Big Sister Tshirt)


8 Aiden Emily      (Something to Say Big Brother T shirt and Big Sister Tshirt)


9 Jackson Abigail        (Colorful Big Brother T shirt and Big Sister Tshirt)


10 Jack Harper    (Stamped Style Big Brother T shirt and Big Sister Tshirt)

Which of these names (and big brother shirts and big sister shirts) is your favorite?

P.S. Don’t forget to enter code holidayfreeship for free standard shipping on all of our personalized baby gifts until the 16th!


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Non-Generic Gender Neutral Baby Shower Ideas

If you have chosen to wait until your baby is born to find out what you’re having, that doesn’t mean your baby shower has to be generic. There are so many fun, creative ideas out there and we want to share some really fantastic ones to inspire you.

As designers of personalized baby gifts, we’re always looking out for ideas that express the joy babies bring to our lives and these awe-inspiring baby showers from The Hostess With the Mostess do just that. And of course we added one of our personalized baby gifts that we think would complement the shower theme because a shower-themed present makes it even more special.


A “Sweet Surprise” candy theme is such a perfect theme for a baby shower when the parents don’t know the gender of their baby-to-be. More details here. After baby is born, personalized onesies, like the Modern Monogram, that reflect the theme are a welcome gift.


A watercolor theme is such a pretty way to incorporate all colors so a gender neutral shower doesn’t feel too predictable and reminds us of our new ombre hued Loved personalized onesies. More details here.


This “About to Pop” popsicle theme is brilliant, colorful fun! More details here. The Candy Colorful Words personalized growth chart is an equally fun match.


Our new Little Sunshine personalized onesies came to mind when we saw this inspiring Sunshine Safari baby shower. More details here.

We hope these shower ideas (and the personalized baby gifts) have given you a lot of inspiration to create a beautiful shower.


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Great Ideas for Personalized Growth Charts

We put a lot of thought into the designs of our personalized baby gifts, but we don’t just stop at the design of each. We also like to think about ways they can be used to their fullest potential to create memories. That’s why throughout the year we like to offer some new ideas on how to use and decorate personalized growth charts. We’re just creative like that!

In 2014, we had some fabulous ideas and thought we would recap a few of them here as we come to the close of the year.

How-to Dress up a Personalized Growth Chart

How-to Dress up a Personalized Growth Chart


What to Record on a Personalized Growth Chart: Holidays


How-To Mark Personalized Growth Charts: Washi Tape


How-to Tip: Use Stickers to Record Height on Personalized Growth Charts


How-To Hang Personalized Growth Charts: Use Binder Clips!

We hope these ideas inspire you to get the very most out of your wee one’s personalized growth chart.

And if you’re planning to give personalized growth charts as gifts for the holidays, don’t forget you can get FREE standard shipping now through December 16. Just enter code holidayfreeship at when checking out on any growth chart order, as well as any of our personalized baby gifts, big sister shirts, big brother shirts, 1st birthday shirts, etc.



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Décor Trend: Burlap

When people used to say “She could look good in a burlap sack,” it was a real compliment to the woman, but certainly discounted the potential style of burlap. Now we know how versatile, stylish, and naturally chic burlap can be, especially in a nursery. Burlap is a perfect way to add texture to décor, whether it’s through buntings, window coverings, bows, poufs, etc.

We’ve found a few fabulous nurseries that utilize burlap at its best and chose one of our personalized growth charts that would look equally fab in each space.


With animal accents and a burlap window covering with a bold orange graphic design, this nursery is eclectic and sophisticated. The Animal Crackers personalized growth chart in Orange & Charcoal would complement the space while adding a bit of whimsy. (Spearmint Baby)


How perfect would our Growing Giraffes personalized growth chart look in this sweet and simple nursery with a DIY burlap bunting?! (Make It Love It)


We love that this nursery’s closet is as functional as it is decorative and incorporates burlap in various ways, as a drape, a covering for metal containers, lampshade, and even inside a picture frame. We would place a personalized growth chart, like the Woodland Fun, inside that closet as well to further save space in the room.  (Project Nursery)


Filled with burlap and lace accents – from the bedding to the bunting to the lamp shade – this sweetly rustic pink and brown nursery is definitely cute as a button, as is our Hoot Hoot personalized growth chart. (Mama’s Happy Hour)

If you’re considering adding a bit of burlap to your wee one’s room, which of these rooms paired with our personalized growth charts inspires you most?


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