When to Wear Big Sister Shirts & Big Brother Shirts during the School Year

We think one of the best times to wear a big brother t shirt or big sister tshirt is to the hospital on the day the new little sibling arrives, but since we’re in back-to-school mode, we thought we’d offer up a few great times during the school year that kids can wear their big sister shirts and big brother shirts to show off family pride.


If kids have become a “big” over the summer or if their “little” is now attending the same school, a sibling tee is a great choice for their first day of school outfit. (Shown: Chic Style and Double Trouble big sister shirts and big brother shirts)


Like the first day of school, picture day is a perfect opportunity to wear a favorite sibling tee. (Shown: Super Big Brother T shirt and Big Sister Tshirt)


Kids have a class recital or play? A big sister tshirt or big brother tshirt worn on stage will look even cuter with their “little” cheering them on in the audience in coordinating personalized onesies or tees. – (Shown: Rock On Big Brother T shirt and Big Sister Tshirt; Kids Play Big Brother T shirt and Big Sister Tshirt)


BigSiblingTees4 For Show & Tell Day, a kiddo expecting a new sibling soon can announce to classmates their new sibling status with a tee. (Shown: Something To Say and Color It Up big sister shirts and big brother shirts)

And by the way, these times are also great reminders to mark kiddos’ heights on their personalized growth charts.

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Get Inspired for Your Nursery: Herringbone Accents

We love stripes and chevron patterns in nursery décor (and décor in general to be honest!), so when we saw a whole gallery of herringbone patterned walls in nurseries on Project Nursery (here), we totally fell in love with this ultra-chic shape.

We found some cool nursery designs with herringbone accents and paired our personalized growth charts with them.


The orange, gray and blue in the transportation themed On the Go personalized growth chart would fit in perfectly with this colorful nursery with a stylish herringbone patterned rug. (Beechwood 1928 blog)


This super colorful herringbone stenciled wall creates an uplifting vibe in this nursery and the complementary Balloon Party personalized growth chart would make an excellent addition. (The Kurtz Corner)


Love love love this herringbone patterned dresser! The ice cream themed We Scream personalized growth chart would look sweet in this eclectic, fun nursery (Project Nursery)


Pops of aqua blue stand out in this neutral hued room with multiple patterned accents, including a herringbone quilt draped over the crib. The Shooting Star personalized growth chart would add a bit more color while being functional too. (via Babble)

Which of these rooms and personalized growth charts is your favorite? Let us know if these rooms have inspired you to incorporate herringbone into your nursery.

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1st Birthday Shirts, Tees and All Decor On Sale


We know this time of year can get expensive getting kids ready for school, but baby showers and birthday parties and the need for personalized baby gifts go on regardless. To make things a little easier at this time, we’re offering 15% off all personalized onesies, 1st birthday shirts, big brother shirts,  big sister shirts and personalized growth charts from Tuesday, August 26 until Tuesday, September 2 using code BIRTHDAYS.

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Five Fave Famous Brothers

We design big brother shirts and big sister shirts because we love the bond between siblings and hope our shirts help build excitement and pride in those relationships. While our personal all-time favorite siblings are members of our own families (of course!), there are some well-known sibs that we can’t help but admire.

Tomorrow we’ll highlight five of our favorite famous sisters with some complementary big sister shirts, but today it’s all about these famous bros and some big brother shirts.


The original boy band, the Jackson 5 – Marlon, Tito, Jackie, Jermaine, and Michael – still have us dancing and we bet your wee ones would love to have a dance party in the living room to “Rockin Robin” too! (Shown: Rock On Big Brother T shirt)


We’ve watched these two grow from wee babes into mature men and appreciate the modern face they’ve given the royal family. (Shown: Modern Fun Big Brother T shirt in Royal Blue)


Luke and Owen Wilson are funny and talented, with slightly mischievous grins we can’t help but adore. (Shown: Double Trouble Big Brother T shirt)


We have aeronautical inventors Wilbur and Orville Wright to thank for making trips to Grandma’s house take only a few hours instead of several days! (Shown: Nuts n’ Bolts Big Brother T shirt)


The BeeGees – Barry, Maurice, and Robin Gibb – were true icons of Disco style and music, and they’re still “Staying Alive” in our hearts. (Shown: Retro Style Big Brother T shirt)

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BBQ inspired Personalized Baby Gifts

We’re coming upon the end of summer (sniff sniff), so if you’re planning baby showers or 1st birthday parties over the next few weeks, a barbecue theme can’t be beat!

The food part is easy – anything barbecued, from veggies to ribs or steak, plus all the yummy comfort food side dishes like baked beans, mac n’ cheese, and buttery corn on the cob. Here’s some inspiration for décor, favors, and coordinating personalized baby gifts to bring the theme to life.


Decorations, drinks, and personalized baby gifts in classic red and blue are perfect for an Americana barbecue themed baby shower, or as this one from PopSugar Moms was called – a Baby-Q Shower. Cute! (Shown: Modern Monogram and Beep Beep personalized onesies)


Mason jars make any event feel quaint and special, and you know how we feel about personalized baby gifts, so we just fell in love with this party favor – homemade bubbles in mason jars with each guests name inscribed on the lid – from Maison de Pax. The Happy To Be and Play Party Hat 1st birthday shirts in red and aqua would have made perfect attire for this party!


Mini hay bales along with a gingham tablecloth and cowboy hat add a real Texas BBQ touch to this birthday party’s drink and dessert stations we found on Foodlets. We could easily see the Fun To Be One or Cake Time 1st birthday shirts on the guest of honor at a similarly themed party.


We hope these baby showers, 1st birthday parties, and personalized baby gifts inspired you to have a fun, end of summer barbecue themed bash.Rustic cowboy chic with wood accents and chocolate brown and blue décor and personalized baby gifts is another way to do a Baby-Q Shower, like this one from Hostess with the Mostess. (Shown: Classic Monogram and Heart 2 Heart personalized onesies)

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Nursery Inspiration: Purple & Gray

Looking for some nursery décor inspiration? We’re currently obsessed with pretty purple paired with elegant gray. In darks or lights, the two colors complement each other perfectly and can have a third color added in easily as well, including teal, yellow, pink or green.

We’ve chosen a few royally pretty purple and gray nurseries that we’ve paired with our personalized growth charts we think would look perfect in each.


This purple and gray nursery is as cute as a button and with all of the round décor elements used throughout, we think the Cheeky Dot personalized growth chart would fit right in! (Apartment Therapy)


Lacy, cut out patterns, like those in the Sprinkled Flowers personalized growth chart, keep this charcoal gray and purple nursery from feeling heavy. (Project Nursery)


Soft and sophisticated with a gorgeous gallery art wall and silvered wings, we absolutely love this nursery and would use the equally chic Perfect Pennant personalized growth chart in Slate Gray to accent the lavender and gray space. (Project Nursery)


Want to create a gender neutral nursery that utilizes purple? Lean heavier on the gray and add in small but impactful pops of the pretty hue like in this nursery, which would also look great with the Colorful Words personalized growth chart in Pool & Lime. (Moms Best Network)

Which of these nurseries paired with personalized growth charts is your favorite?

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Last week we wrote about sibling love and the video that had us feeling a bit verklempt and so ready to send a big sister tshirt and little brother onesie to the cute-as-a-button sibs that stole our hearts (click here). Well readers, this week it is Babble that has our hearts melting with What It Really Means To Be a Little Boy’s Mama.

For our sons that will someday become grown men, writer Michelle Horton pretty much says it all.

Here are a few passages we seriously relate to along with some adorable shots of some of our favorite boys in their big brother shirts:


“Being a little boy’s mama means always going, moving, running, energy. It means muddy shoes, bandaged legs, and breath-catching stunts that nearly stop your heart.” (Shown: Kids Play Big Brother T shirt)


“It means playing certain games and watching certain movies that you really have no interest in, and yet still enjoy seeing through the ninja-superhero-karate perspective because it’s his perspective.” (Shown: Super Big Brother T shirt)


“It means finding rocks hidden around the house.” (Shown: Dig In Big Brother T shirt)


“Being a little boy’s mama will change you — harden you in some places, soften you in others — but will ultimately give the sweetest memories of when, for a brief period, you were everything to a sticky-faced little man.” (Shown: Retro Style Big Brother T shirt)

Read the whole sweet article here.

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Parents Magazine Advice on How Your Baby Grows 

As parents ourselves, we’re always paying attention to the various milestones in our little ones’ lives and that’s also one of the reasons we design personalized growth charts so other parents can keep track of their kids’ height at different stages and big occasions, as well as in between regularly scheduled doctor visits. The recent article on Parents.com on how your child grows age-by-age was also really helpful, so we wanted to share the link here.

The article gives great information on what to expect for babies and toddlers aged 1, 2, 3-4, and 5+ in terms of height and weight, as well as tips on boosting development and motor skills along the way.

We have some previous blog posts that may also be helpful when it comes to measuring your child.



Fun Ways to Track Growth with Personalized Growth Charts


Do you use a personalized growth chart to measure your child monthly, quarterly, on special events, etc? Let us know how you track your wee one’s growth.

And don’t forget to mark other milestones with personalized baby gifts, big sister shirts, big brother shirts, 1st birthday shirts, etc by entering our newest contest with The Banner Shoppe before 8/17. Click here for details on how to win a $50 Petite Lemon gift card and a $15 store credit to The Banner Shoppe.


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Personalized Baby Gifts Giveaway with One Happy Mama & The Banner Shoppe

Our fab Brand Enthusiast Kristina of One Happy Mama recently celebrated her son Luke’s first birthday and we love the fact he wore one of our 1st birthday shirts to mark the big occasion! You know we can never get enough of seeing our personalized baby gifts on our customers’ kiddos, so we had to share in our excitement by partnering up with Kristina and The Banner Shoppe to do a super fun giveaway.

The prizes? A $50 gift card to Petite Lemon good for any of our personalized baby gifts, big sister shirts, big brother shirts, 1st birthday shirts, etc. and a $15 store credit to The Banner Shoppe.


Want to enter? Follow these steps:

- follow @Petite_Lemon, @Imonehappymama and @thebannershoppe on Instagram

- regram Luke’s birthday pic (how cute is he!?)

- use hashtag #lukeisone

And don’t forget to let us know if your account is private.

This contest ends Sunday, 8/17 and the winner of $50 worth of Petite Lemon personalized baby gifts and $15 to The Banner Shoppe will be announced on 8/18. Good luck!

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Nursery Inspiration: Color Pop!

We don’t want to think about fall just yet, with its warm, cozy hues; we want to hold on to the bold, fun hues of summer a little while longer. That’s why this week we’re highlighting nurseries with bright pops of color throughout. We found some amazing designs on PopSugar Moms and paired them with our equally colorful personalized growth charts.


Animal details along with chartreuse, orange and bright blue accents make this room super fun and also an ideal setting for the Animal Crackers personalized growth chart. (Details here)


Cheery yellow adds impact to this globetrotting themed nursery which would easily welcome the Growing Giraffes personalized growth chart. (Details here)


How inspiring is this book and art-filled playroom? We’d love to see our Hoot Hoot personalized growth chart added to this super colorful space.

Will these personalized growth charts and color popped rooms motive you to go bold with your wee one’s room?

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