What We Love Now: Fun Fonts

Of course we love princesses and race cars, animals and mermaids, but as creative types and designers of personalized baby gifts, we’re really into cool, fun fonts.


We love the quirky monster shapes of the Monsterrific personalized growth chart and the stocky letters of the Balloon Party and Up Up Away personalized growth charts.

Fonts_Personalized_Tees1 Fonts_Personalized_Tees4

Working with calligraphers Lindsay Letters on the Cupcake Cheer birthday shirt and Delightful Lettering Big Brother T shirt and Big Sister Tshirt designs and Kal Barteski on the Birthday Scribbles birthday tee and Bright and Bold Big Brother T shirt and Big Sister Tshirt designs was a total blast! It’s so much fun to work with other font obsessed designers.

Fonts_Personalized_Tees2 Fonts_Personalized_Tees3

And we did say we like animals, right? That’s why we incorporated some into a font with the Merry Menagerie Big Brother T shirt and Big Sister Tshirt. Other fun shapes? Toys in the Kids Play Big Brother T shirt and Big Sister Tshirt.

We’re always working on new fonts for our personalized baby gifts and can’t wait to share them with you.

P.S. Don’t forget you have until Sunday, 3/1 to get 15% off all personalized baby gifts. In honor of our 4th birthday, just enter happybirthday at checkout to save on all personalized onesies, 1st birthday shirts, and big sister tshirts and big brother t shirt designs, as well as personalized growth charts and alphabet posters.

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Petite Lemon in Real Life: Jenny & Max

It’s been almost one year since we started our Petite Lemon in Real Life series and boy, do they make us happy! There’s nothing greater for us than to see the personalized baby gifts we’ve created being used to mark milestones in a little one’s life. But we must admit this one makes us especially verklempt as it’s from Jenny, our newest Petite Lemon family member who recently became a mama for the very first time.

Jenny fills us in here on new motherhood:

Our family experienced the best New Year’s Day on record. This little guy joined the party just in time to ring in 2015. I can’t begin to describe the joy we felt as we held Max for the first time. It was truly a miracle that we waited a long time for. We couldn’t believe he was really ours.

He is now almost two months old and he is changing every single day. Sometimes he’ll wake up in the morning and he looks different. It’s crazy how that works, but everyone keeps telling me they grow up so fast and I believe it.

What are some of the changes you’ve noticed in his personality since he was born?

Max is a lot more alert now than when he was born. He’s starting to make new noises and discover he has a little voice. Sometimes we are surprised what little noises come from him. He is also smiling a lot more, which makes a new mom proud.

How about you? What changes have you noticed in yourself?

I’m doing well. Motherhood came with a lot of adjusting that I didn’t quite anticipate. I’m a planner so I read all the books and did everything I could to make life easier after Max came home. I soon realized that Max hadn’t read the same books, so adjusting to a new normal has been key.  My personality has always been go, go, go with deadlines and projects to accomplish. Motherhood is a completely different type of go, go, go. It was hard for me to let go of strict schedules and long to-do lists each day, but I’ve learned that being a mom is rewarding in different ways. The first time he slept five hours straight, or smiled, or when he cuddles close to me in my arms is a reward that keeps me going.

Has anything been easier than you thought it would be?

I have always been one that needs sleep. I was nervous to become a mom because everyone told me that sleep would be a thing of the past. Although this is mostly true, I have been surprised how much I can do with little sleep. And, when it gets too hard a ten minute nap here and there works wonders. It’s been so long since I had eight continuous hours of sleep, I probably wouldn’t’ know what to do with myself.

You had an adorable Mustache themed baby shower we shared with readers here. What are a few of your favorite gifts you received at your shower?

I loved all the fun gifts that I received from my baby showers, but there are a few items I couldn’t live without. I absolutely love the swaddling blankets that I received. Max loves to be wrapped tight when he sleeps, so these blankets have been a lifesaver. I also loved receiving a Moby wrap. When Max wants to be close to me, but I need both hands, I put him in the Moby wrap and he almost always falls asleep. Since Max was born in the winter, I loved receiving little onesies with mitts that covered his hands. He wore those for the first month straight. Not only did they keep him warm, but they kept him from scratching his tiny face. My favorite baby shower gift for myself was chocolate, because I think every day deserves a little treat to help you make it through!

Sum up your new experience into motherhood in one word:

Adventurous! (and the adventure continues every single day)


(Caption: Here’s the sweet boy himself, dressed in one of our personalized onesies of course!)

Thanks for sharing Jenny and welcome to motherhood!

If your little one has our personalized growth charts, big sister shirts, big brother shirts, 1st birthday shirts, etc., we’d love to hear from you! Please email us at buzz (at) petitelemon (dot) com and let us know which of our personalized baby gifts your kiddo has and they may be featured in an upcoming Petite Lemon In Real Life post.

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Boy/Girl Shared Room Ideas

Sometimes there just isn’t enough room in a home for two little ones to have their own room or if they’re twins, it only makes sense for them to continue to share a womb, um, room.  When it’s a boy and a girl though, that can create a design dilemma. Actually, it doesn’t have to. There are plenty of ways to create a shared space that works beautifully for both genders.

We’ve found some boy/girls shared nurseries we absolutely adore and chose one of our personalized growth chart designs that would work perfectly in each.


Eclectic and colorful with fun animal accents, just like the Zoo Friends personalized growth chart, this gender neutral room is equally sweet for a baby boy and girl. (Apartment Therapy)


Soft and pretty aqua with brown detailing and sweet baby photos make a shared bedroom really personal, as would adding the complementary Picture Me personalized growth chart. (Project Nursery)


We love the simple, yet colorfully whimsical nature of this room and would add pennant style personalized growth charts for each little boy and girl in the nursery. (Chic Cheap Nursery)

Have you created a boy/girl shared nursery? What colors and/or theme did you choose and which of our personalized growth charts would fit best with the design?

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Nursery Decor Trends

PopSugar recently highlighted some nursery décor trends for 2015 and we chose a few of our favorites that we’re sure will become more than just a trend and will continue to be popular for many years to come.


Stylized Furniture – From super modern designed cribs to stylish poufs and settees, baby furniture is anything but infantile nowadays.  Like adding a personal growth chart that complements or contrasts the room’s aesthetic, it’s about creating a custom look.


Dynamic Art – Not only does art give a nursery a bit of sophistication, hopefully it also inspires a child to be creative themselves. As designers of personalized baby gifts, we are behind this trend 1000%. (Shown: Doodle It Up personalized growth chart)


Sophisticated Color Palette – Nursery design has come a long way since the standard primary colors or simple blue and pink option. A whole assortment of hues are being used, including chic grays, graphic black and white, and shades of various Pantone Color of the Years. And of course we love it; it inspires us to have even more fun designing our personalized growth charts. (Shown: Perfect Pennant Personalized Growth Chart in Gray)

You can view the rest of PopSugar’s nursery décor trends here. Which is your fave?

And if you’re in the process of decorating a nursery, you’re in luck! From now until 3/1, our entire collection of personalized growth charts and alphabet posters, as well as personalized onesies, 1st birthday shirts, big sister shirts and big brother shirts are on sale. Just enter code happybirthday at checkout and get 15% off your entire order of our personalized baby gifts.

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Big Sister Shirts Meet Oscar fashion

In anticipation of the Academy Awards on Sunday, we highlighted some Oscar-worthy names using our big brother shirts and big sister shirts. And we said we’d talk about our favorite dresses from the evening and pair them with the big sister tshirt design that reflects each best. So here we are gushing over the gowns that impressed us most and the big sister shirts we’d dress our own little stars in to “get the look” in a very age appropriate way.


Cate Blanchett’s dark dress with sleeveless fringe is simple and a little edgy, but the bold pop of turquoise makes the whole look totally stunning.  We think the same thing about the cool calligraphic font and dash of blue of the Delightful Lettering Big Sister Tshirt.


Emma Stone is sleek and chic in this unique citrusy green sparkly gown.  We like the long sleeve green Chic Style Big Sister Tshirt.


Rosamund Pike’s gorgeously textured red gown makes a big statement. So do the Stamped Style big sister shirts.


Sienna Miller’s black dress is anything but basic, with sweet bows and cool lace accents. The colorful name under the unique strokes of the Bold & Bright Big Sister Tshirt gives it a fun detail.

All images from Vogue.com.

Which red carpet dress was your favorite?

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Happy Birthday to Us + A Sale for You!

Birthday_Sale_Graphic Time flies when you’re having fun and designing personalized baby gifts! It’s hard to believe, but we started creating personalized growth charts and alphabet posters four years ago. Since then we’ve expanded into personalized onesies, 1st birthday shirts, big sister shirts and big brother shirts. And that is definitely reason to celebrate, except you get the gift. Starting on our birthday, February 20, until March 1, we’re offering 15% off our entire website.

Yes, from 2/20 through 3/1, our entire collection of personalized growth charts, alphabet posters, personalized onesies, 1st birthday shirts, big sister shirts and big brother shirts are on sale. Just enter code happybirthday at checkout and get 15% off your entire order of our personalized baby gifts.

Happy Birthday to us!

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Oscar Inspired Names

Do you look forward to the Academy Awards as much as we do? We love the movies, the actors, the glamourous history of the event, and of course the fashion.  The style inspires us – and you just know we’ll be highlighting our favorite Oscar dresses along with the big sister tshirt designs that reflect similar colors and patterns after the awards show airs – but we also look to the nominees for naming inspiration. After all, it’s a good idea to name a child after someone who is both talented and successful.

The Best Actor and Actress, as well as Supporting Actor and Actress, categories offer some very classic name options, as well as some unique ones too. We’ve chosen some of these names we think will surely grow in popularity over the next few years and paired them with big brother shirts and big sister shirts.


The Best Actress and Supporting Actress nominees include Marion (a “grandma” name sure to be hip again soon), Felicity (a happy name, another option would be Felicia), Julianne (Julie for short or a similar Juliette to set it apart from Julia/Julie), Rosamund (another old fashioned name we think we’ll hear more of and can be shortened to Rose or Rosa), and Reese (more common for girls, but can also be used for boys). (Shown: Tweet Tweet Big Sister Tshirt, Blooms Big Sister Tshirt; Flower Power Big Sister Tshirt)


The Best Supporting Actress nominees include Patricia (Patrice offers a fresh twist to this classic name), Laura (classically sweet, similar options include Lara or Lauren), Keira (a name that is still somewhat unique though not uncommon), Emma (one of the most popular names for girls for several years, another option is Emmy or Emmeline), and Meryl (a strong, interesting name that will always stand out thanks to Ms. Streep). (Shown: Double Trouble and Super big sister shirts)

Oscar_Personalized_Tees3 Oscar_Personalized_Tees4

The Best Actor and Supporting Actor nominees include Steve (Steven or Stephen for more formal options), Bradley (or Brad for short), Benedict (another Ben nickname option if you want something other than Benjamin), Michael (Mike is a nickname of course), and Eddie (short for Edward, Edmund, or Edgar). (Shown: Bold & Bright Big Brother T shirt; Delightful Lettering big brother shirts)

Oscar_Personalized_Tees5 Oscar_Personalized_Tees6

The Best Supporting Actor nominees include Robert (lots of nickname options here with Bob/Bobby or Rob/Robby), Ethan (very popular name that will continue to be so), Edward (see Eddie above), Mark (can also use Marcus or Marco for a twist on the classic name), and J.K. (initial names are a great way to give kids their own name while honoring relatives with more formal names). (Shown: Nuts ‘n Bolts Big Brother T shirt, Skyline Big Brother T shirt, and Retro Style Big Brother T shirt)

We’ll be watching the show on Sunday, February 22, and will also look forward to seeing which of these Oscar worthy names spike in popularity as a result of the nominees and winners.

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Winter Birthday Party Ideas

It’s been a pretty cold winter for most of the country and with Punxatawney Phil recently announcing six more weeks of winter, not to mention the big news that Frozen Fever is coming out next month, we say it’s time to embrace the season. And for kiddos with birthdays during these cold months, the winter can actually offer some really fun party ideas.

We’ve pulled together a range of party décor ideas from PopSugar Moms, as well as some of our 1st birthday shirts and personalized baby gifts that bring a cool winter theme to life.


A hot cocoa and dessert table will instantly warm up a wintry birthday party. Personalized onesies in pink stripes or ombre worn to the party will add a bit of color to this icy pink snowflake themed party. (PopSugarMoms)

WinterParty_Personalized_Tees2 WinterParty_Personalized_Tees3

It doesn’t get cuter than a Chilly Willy piñata and party favors. Personalized baby gifts that feature penguins make ideal gifts for a penguin themed birthday party. (Shown:  Zoo Friends and Animal Crackers personalized growth charts; Animal Pile personalized tshirt) (PopSugarMoms)


Cool aqua and orange mod designs add sophistication to a penguin theme. The Chic Chevron birthday onesie and Flying Hoot tee would make great personalized baby gifts for a similar party theme. (PopSugarMoms)

We hope these décor ideas, 1st birthday shirt, and personalized baby gifts inspire a fun-filled winter themed birthday bash.

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Décor Challenge: 1 Personalized Growth Chart, 3 rooms

With the Indy 500 coming up on the 22nd, we thought we’d choose the Finish Line design for our newest décor challenge. And because it is a challenge, we’ve found three rooms that are not car-related at all to show how versatile our personalized growth charts can be.


We love how colorful and eclectic this room is. And with some really cool accents, like the rug that reminds us of a Hot Wheels race track, we’d add the Finish Line personalized growth chart to this space. (HouseBeauty.net)


This nursery is pure fun and the kiddo that calls this space their own will surely be on the go a lot, so Finish Line personalized growth chart is a perfect fit. (Spearmint Baby)


The checkered flag of the Finish Line personalized growth chart makes a nice match with the gingham curtains and pouf, plus the small pops of color throughout give the room its real energy. (Project Nursery)

Which of our personalized growth charts should we choose next for our décor challenge?

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Naming Trends: Grandma Names

Because we highlighted grandpa inspired names (see them here) and showed them on our personalized baby gifts and big brother shirts, we’re shining the spotlight on baby girl names that were popular in the 1920’s and make very cool names today. We’re using our big sister shirts to demonstrate just how beautiful –and not out-of-date – these names are.


There’s just something chic about the names Irene and Josephine and can see them making a big comeback soon. (Shown: Tweet Tweet and Chic Style big sister shirts)


Louise, Lucille, and Lois bring to mind the strong, self-confident, yet really fun girls and we think that’s a pretty great combination of qualities. (Shown: Stamped Style Big Sister Tshirt, Bold & Bright and Something to Say big sister shirts)


We love the names Marion and Marjorie, which are really solid, but sound sweet at the same time. (Shown: Over the Rainbow Big Sister Tshirt)

What do you think; can you see these names becoming popular again?

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