Personalized Baby Gifts: Prince George’s 1st Birthday

Happy 1st Birthday Prince George!!

To celebrate the future heir’s first birthday, put together a fun gift guide for Prince George inspired by his travels and adventures over the past year and we’d like to suggest a few of our personalized baby gifts we thought would be perfect as well.


This recent family portrait is beyond adorable and as designers of personalized baby gifts, we’re crazy about his name sweater! Some other options that would fit this royally cute tyke? The customizable I Love (You Pick) and I Love Grandma tees, as well as these other personalized baby gifts:(photo credit: Jason Bell/Camera Press/Redux)


Either of the Zoo Friends or Animal Crackers personalized growth charts would make a perfect gift to record even more milestones for this little animal lover, shown here at the Taronga  Zoo in Australia.


Purple may be the color of royalty, but the little prince seems to prefer blue. The Classic Monogram and Modern Name personalized onesies would make great gifts to pair with the various rompers he’s often seen wearing. (photo credit John Stillwell/Getty Images)


Of all of our 1st birthday shirts, we think the Playful Party Hat photo tee would be ideal for the chubby cheeked prince to wear on his big day.

We hope Prince George has a very happy birthday and wonder if a big brother t shirt will be in order by his second birthday!

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Get Inspired: Water-themed Nursey & Kids Décor

From lakes to pools to rivers and beaches, summertime is all about being near the H2O. And for those due this time of the year, your little water baby will feel right at home in a space inspired by H2O.

To help give you some design ideas, we’ve found some gorgeous nurseries inspired by time spent by the water and paired them with our personalized growth charts.


Pretty in pink with accents of coral and seashells gives this nursery a sweet feeling of being by the sea. Either of the Under the Sea or Mermaid Delight personalized growth charts would add a nice touch of whimsy to this otherwise sophisticated space. (Cute and Company)


Adding boats and trucks to this blue, green, and red beach inspired nursery keep it from being too “theme-y,”which is why we’d add theOn the Go personalized growth chart to tie it all together. (The Sweet Life)


The Monkey Pals personalized growth chart nicely accents the watery hues and circular accents of this gender-neutral nursery. (Ok Dani)


A perfect mix of pink and blue brings this sailboat themed nursery together and the My Town personalized growth chart would round out the whole seaside setting. (Project Nursery)

Has a waterside spot inspired your nursery design? Which personalized growth chart would work best

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4 Ways a Big Sister Tshirt or Big Brother T shirt Can Help

If you have a toddler, you understand the challenges and awe-inspiring moments that come with the territory. It can be frustrating one minute and smile-inducing the next. Watching your babies become little individuals with personalities is amazing, which is why we connected with the recent post on Babble called 7 Ways My 4 Year Old is Changing (read it here).

It’s a special thing to experience as a parent, but when you add a new baby to the mix, it can also be difficult. You want your child to be excited about the addition, but they’re going through a lot of changes already themselves. There are different strategies to help with the transition, like special one-on-one time, and we’d like to think that our big brother shirts and big sister shirts are one way to create excitement and help reduce some of the anxiety a toddler can feel when their role in the family changes.

A big brother t shirt or big sister tshirt can reinforce kids are:

  1. Not a baby, they’re a big kid now
  2. Still special and that will never change
  3. More capable of helping out and being independent
  4. Proud to take on a new role and have a little one to help watch over


(Shown: Only Child Expiring Big Brother T shirt; Color It Up and Taped Up big sister shirts; Something to Say Big Brother T shirt)

How did you help your toddler adjust to having a new sibling?

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Great SAHM juggling ideas from Ever Clever Mom

It’s not easy juggling work and parenthood.  That goes without saying, which is why we’re always thankful for mommies and daddies that share their tips and tricks for making life a bit more manageable. And we’re especially in awe of those that do it all while raising little ones with special needs, severe allergies, physical disabilities, etc.

Our fantastic Brand Enthusiast Carly of Ever Clever Mom is an impressive juggler in our opinion. In addition to being a full time blogger, wife, and mother to two wee ones, she is also now a homeschooler since daughter Eva has a severe nut allergy. Adding this large responsibility to her already full schedule meant getting super organized!

Carly recently shared her tips for creating a functional, organized system, and in a small space nonetheless, on her blog.


A 10-drawer Mobile Organizer keeps all five preschool subject areas (life skills, language arts, science, mathematics, and arts/crafts) easily accessible for Carly, as well as Eva.


Here are Carly’s adorable kids, Eva and Calvin, wearing their coordinating Kids Play Big Sister Tshirt and onesie.


How smart! Carly used our Hello personalized name tag style tshirt to create a school “uniform” for Eva to wear on field trips and customized it so it says “I’m busy learning.”  We love that we can help be a  part of Eva’s educational experience!

Read the rest of her blog with great tips here.

If you’ve used any of our personalized baby gifts, big sister shirts, big brother shirts, etc to make a family trip even more special, to help an anxious child get excited to welcome their new sibling, or other memorable event, please share! Email us at buzz (at) petitelemon (dot) com and we may feature your story in an upcoming post.

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What We Love Now: Your Birthday Infographic Pictures

In addition to designing personalized baby gifts, we also have fun creating freebies for mamas, daddies, and wee ones to enjoy. We get a lot of joy ourselves when our customers send us photos of their little ones in our big brother shirts, big sister shirts, 1st birthday shirts, etc., but we weren’t prepared for the amazing response we received from the birthday infographic freebie we made (click here to download). We have received so many photos of children (even an adult or two to be honest) posing with their completed infographics and we just had to share!

Look at these photos that have us smiling from ear to ear!


We love that parents got creative with it as well, coloring it all in or framing it so they can write on it with a dry erase marker and reuse it.   Some parents have even Photoshopped the information on AFTER taking the photo in order to save it. This makes our hearts sing! The whole reason we design personalized growth charts, big sister shirts, big brother shirts, and 1st birthday shirts (and freebies!) is to create keepsakes so parents can have a tangible piece of those precious childhood memories.

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Yellow Baby Shower Themes & Personalized Baby Gifts

When you don’t find out your baby’s gender ahead of time, people often assume you’ll go with yellow and can grumble about the “generic” hue. But boy (or girl), do we disagree! There are so many gorgeous shades of yellow, from soft and buttery to bright and cheery. And while yellow can easily stand alone, it also pairs well with a whole array of pretty colors or basic neutrals. So to get you inspired to create a gorgeous yellow baby shower, here are ideas for décor, favors, desserts, and personalized baby gifts.


We “heart” this yellow, gray, and white shower with a birdy & heart theme. The Heart 2 Heart Dad and Heart 2 Heart Mom personalized onesies would be ideal gifts! (Hostess with the Mostess)


Oh baby this shower’s neon yellow with cool green accents is adorable! We’d definitely give the Happy Hearts and Modern Monogram personalized onesies at a baby shower with this color scheme. (Project Nursery)


This black & white shower with yellow highlights feels so fresh and pretty, we want to head out to the garden right now! Perfect personalized baby gifts for this soiree? We’d say the equally color contrasting Playful Hello and Classic Monogram personalized onesies. (Style Milk)

Is a yellow baby shower theme on your horizon?

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Petite Lemon in Real Life with William

Last week we highlighted twin boys wearing their 1st birthday shirts (see their cuteness here), and today we have another birthday boy in our In Real Life feature. We feel like it’s our birthday every time we hear from our customers how our personalized baby gifts make their kiddo’s big day even more special!

William’s mama Jenna, fills us in here:

How old is William?
William is 3 years old.

What brought you to Petite Lemon to purchase William’s birthday tee?
Petite Lemon has a wonderful product. I gravitate towards color and the colors PL uses are so vibrant. Plus there are so many designs to choose from, you are able to get just what you are looking for (and often it’s hard to decide, they are all so cute :) The shirts are super soft and last, you can’t go wrong with great quality.


What are your fav Petite Lemon products and why?
The personalized shirts. I love a shirt that can enhance a celebration, whether it’s a birthday or a new addition to a family. It makes kiddos feel special to be acknowledged and celebrated!

What are you enjoying most about this age (the preschool stage)?
The personality that is developing. William has a great sense of humor and makes me laugh all day long!

What is your favorite thing about having a boy?
The constant exploring and discovering. They look at the world with open eyes and take everything in around them.


What is your fav blog right now?
Thrifty Littles
. Such fun products and great deals. It’s so great! Plus how cute is that little girl? Adorable!

Fav IG to follow?
. Not your typical answer, I know. But there is something about having an incredible picture show up in your feed to make your day a little bit brighter.

Define motherhood in one word?
Exhausting (said with a smile of course)

Thanks Jenna, we never get tired of hearing real insights from mamas and daddies! You and your little ones truly are our inspirations!

Have a story to share about your wee one’s personalized growth chart, big sister tshirt or big brother t shirt or any of our other personalized baby gifts?  We’d love to hear it and see pictures, as well as share it with our readers. Please contact us at buzz @ petitelemon (dot) com.

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Kids Décor Trend: Chalkboard Walls

Customized décor is something we particularly love (hey, we don’t design personalized growth charts, alphabet posters and photo posters for no reason!), so the chalkboard wall trend we’re seeing in nurseries is right up our alley. We’re crazy about all of the opportunities for personalization it provides – parents can write sweet notes or favorite quotes every day if they want and eventually the little ones will grow up and get to play along.

Here are a few of our favorite nurseries with chalkboard walls and the personalized growth charts we’d love to see accenting those rooms.


Frames and animals and juicy hues give this nursery with chalkboard wall lots of impact and the similarly designed Animal Crackers personalized growth chart would fit right in. (

ChalkboardNursery3 We don’t think this woodland themed nursery with sweet chalkboard message could get any cuter – unless of course the Woodland Fun personalized growth chart was in it. (BearFoxChalk)


The welcoming chalkboard sign, aqua dresser, and world map give this nursery a happy, uplifting feel, so the Up Up Away personalized growth chart couldn’t be any more perfect for it. (Love Like Johnny + June)


The Design for Minikind personalized growth chart practically looks like it was made for this stylish nursery with a graphically influenced chalkboard wall. (Moms Best Network)

Did you incorporate a chalkboard into your nursery? Which of our personalized growth charts would go with it?

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In the News: Like a Girl

Because we design personalized baby gifts, we like to keep things light and focus on fun freebies, décor, and fashion, but as parents we know there are weightier things in the world we need to talk to our children about. Like their self-confidence and self-worth.

The new #LikeaGirl commercial has brought attention to that subject. Have you seen it? We have and as mothers of little girls – and boys – we really love it! As strong, independent, working moms, we know that doing something “like a girl” is a very good thing, so we appreciate having this topic in the news as it gives us – and other moms and dads – the opportunity to discuss it with our kids.

If you haven’t seen the #LikeaGirl commercial, check it out here.

We know some girls prefer dolls while some boys prefer trucks, but often kids just like what they like! That’s why the designs of our personalized growth charts come in colors suited for both boys and girls, no matter what the theme is, and why our big sister shirts and big brother shirts share a lot of the same designs. We also customize our line of personalized baby gifts as requested because it’s all about what makes kids truly happy.

That’s why we do what we do.

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Why Have Kids Close in Age (or Not)

We recently read 7 Reasons Siblings Love Being Close in Age on PopSugar Moms and as designers of big brother shirts and big sister shirts and parents to kids pretty close in age, it really made us smile. While we know there’s no right or wrong amount of time in between kids – it’s all about what’s right for each family – and not all sibling relationships are determined solely on age, we hope all 7 of these reasons are true for our kiddos and yours!

The article says having kids close in age can help get sibling rivalry out of the way early. We agree and also think having them wear a big sister tshirt or big brother t shirt can help build a strong bond with their new little sib and establish a sense of pride and connection.

Read the other six reasons here.


(Shown: Color It Up Big Sister Tshirt and Stamped Style Big Brother T shirt — these styles also have matching personalized onesies!

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