We’re happy to introduce guest blogger Kim Johnson, who has helped many new mom’s create their dream nursery with Salt Lake City Baby Boutique Babinski Baby

We hope you enjoy Kim’s personal story of finding joy while decorating her very own first-time nursery—and enjoy her pro-tips!

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve waited and how much you’ve dreamed about having a baby and creating the perfect nursery… when the time comes, it’s all a little overwhelming. In my case, I’m a thirtysomething who has waited, wished and dreamed for a LONG time. I have been working in the “baby business” for the past 3 ½ years, educating new parents and selling them all of the essentials for their most precious babies. I assumed I was a true expert and would know exactly what I wanted when my turn finally came along. {Insert laugh here}.

It’s amazing… blame it on the hormones, the pregnancy brain, my cankles, everyone’s unsolicited advice or just the fact that all the sudden it was my money having to buy all this stuff, instead of someone else’s and I found myself a basket case. All of the things and brands and products that I was previously so sure of, I was suddenly questioning and feeling overwhelmed. Quite frankly, everything about this whole baby process is as overwhelming as it is magical and wonderful. We need to eliminate the “overwhelmed” part and focus on just what an incredible and magical journey it really is.Here are a few tips that might be helpful to consider, as someone who helps people prepare for baby’s needs, as well as someone who is anxiously awaiting and preparing for baby’s needs …

There is no right or wrong. What may be right for one, might not be right for you. Politely consider all of the advice that you get and then do what YOU want, considering YOUR lifestyle. The amazing fully-suspended jogging stroller that Betty down the street swears by isn’t worth the money if you’ve never jogged a day in your life and hate even walking to the mailbox and back.  Same thing with diaper bags, bassinettes, co-sleepers, cloth diapers vs disposable etc. etc. etc. Everyone has an opinion, but there are so many fantastic options out there now, do your research and consider what’s best for you… your lifestyle, your budget and your sanity. There is not one “right” product. Period.

Remember that there are no rules when it comes to nursery décor. Some of the most amazing nurseries that I have seen are mismatched and eclectic. Decide what you want to spend the money on and look for other bargains or pieces that you might already have that can be re-purposed. You can do incredible things with a can of paint or some interesting fun, new hardware. Figure out where you can save a little money to spend elsewhere.

I highly recommend a great nursery glider. Of all the things that I have spent money on, it is currently my wisest purchase!  My little miss isn’t even here yet and it’s already my favorite place to sit in the middle of the night. (You know, third trimester insomnia…between sleeping with a watermelon attached to your abdomen, having to pee every 37 minutes, the leg cramps and the sudden thirst and hunger pangs… you’re bound to have some sleepless nights and that’s before there’s even a crying baby in the picture… help!)

Don’t be paralyzed by color or “baby themes”. Gone are the days of strictly pink for girls, blue for boys or yellow for you die-hards that don’t find out. There are some amazing modern and contemporary nurseries out there that don’t utilize traditional colors. One of the most popular colors I have seen this last year used in nursery bedding is steel grey, mixed with all kinds of amazing non-traditional nursery colors. Who would have thought and who cares what your mom or grandma says (“Well, this is interesting. It sure is *ahem* different than what we did in MY day”), it’s YOU that will be spending all your time in there, eating up that precious baby.  Have fun with the art and décor. Play with fun, funky lighting. Remember, you don’t have to do teddy bear décor, just because it’s a baby’s room (unless you want to, of course). They won’t know the difference anyway.

I chose to go with very non-traditional baby girl nursery colors and I LOVE it. I used slate grays, browns, yellows and a splash of avocado. Yep, you heard me… an entire baby girl’s nursery without pink (don’t worry… I may incorporate a bit in here and there).  It’s totally feminine, yet modern and most of all it feels calming and comfortable for me as well as hopefully her. As a new and first time mom… that calming, comforting feeling is something that I think I’ll be thankful for when she and I are both in tears as we try to figure out our new life together. Besides, I know that starting in about 2 years; it will be all about Disney princesses and sugary, glittery pink tiaras and in the meantime… I get to choose and I didn’t choose pink and that’s okay. I fully stand behind my decision.

In the end, just think outside the box. Don’t stress. Enjoy this amazing journey. Don’t take a minute of it for granted. Take people’s advice and opinions for what they’re worth… then throw them all out and follow your heart and your gut. I hear that the instinct we’ve heard about our whole lives is pretty legit… trust it.

Since this post was originally written, Kim gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Leah. 


Kim’s Petite Lemon School Days Alphabet Poster in yellow, lime, gray and avocado is available for purchase here. 
To go along with Leah’s gray, yellow and avocado nursery — we think our Perfect Pennant gray or yellow personalized growth charts would also make a fabulous addition. What do you think?
Check out Kim’s most recent post on Leah’s room update to a big girl room here, or the the re-vamp of this exact nursery to a little boy’s room for Kim’s son, here!
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  1. Nicole and Abe says:

    Love this. What a cute nursery!

  2. Holli says:

    Where is this crib bedding from?? I must find it for my gray and yellow nursery!

  3. Courtney says:

    Hey! love the nursery! question. where can i purchase the glider?

  4. Natalie says:

    Where did you find your chair? I am looking for one that is smaller … and it looks like yours fits perfectly in that corner.

  5. Amy Barber says:

    Dying to know where the bedding came from and HOW TO make the adorable fluffy fabric mobile?! Please, please!

    • Jessica says:

      Of course! The fabric balls are made with a 4 or 5 inch styrofoam ball. Take 3 yards of fabric per ball and cut it into as many 6 inch circles as possible. Fold the fabric into quarters and pin all over the ball. Easy, peasy!I Then take a styrofoam wreath form, cover with ribbon and then used ribbon to tie it all together as a mobile. Cheers!

      • Lindsay says:

        For the mobile- what type of fabric did you use? In the photo, it almost looks like jersey?


        • Jessica says:

          Hi Lindsay — we actually just used regular old cotton, but you could totally use jersey! We’ve made jersey flowers before and those turned out to be super cute. I say try jersey! Cheers, Jessica

  6. Tiffany says:

    Where did you get the mirror? I have been looking for one like it in round or oval.

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  8. Abby says:

    No kidding, I have the same bedding and the same exact mirror above my daughter’s crib! Now I am tempted to take on that mobile :-) So cute!

  9. April says:

    LOVE the color on the walls! Do you have the name of it?

  10. Jennifer says:

    please tell me where you got this bedding!!!

  11. Erin says:

    I love your nursery! Where did you get your crib from?

  12. melanie says:

    these are the exact colors my daughter is wanting for her nursery….she even has that same mirror. I looked for the bedding on the banana fish website but didn’t see it.. Could you give me some more info? Thanks!!

  13. Mish says:

    Beautiful! How did you make the mobile?

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Mish! It’s pretty simple … the fabric ball mobile is made with a 4 or 5 inch styrofoam ball. Take 3 yards of fabric per ball and cut it into as many 6 inch circles as possible. Fold the fabric into quarters and pin all over the ball. Easy, peasy!I Then take a styrofoam wreath form, cover with ribbon and then used ribbon to tie it all together as a mobile. Cheers!

  14. Tina says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I have two girls and am about to have a little boy. I wish that I had some of these ideas for the girls nurseries. Just one question….where did you get the photo with the alphabet and name? I love it!!! Thanks

  15. Christi says:

    I love this idea for my baby nursery! What kind of fabric did you use for the poms..and did you get the fabric at Joannes? What did you use to pin the fabric on? I’m in love with this :)

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Christi! So those fabric balls are made with a 4 or 5″ styrofoam ball. You take 3 yards of fabric per ball and cut it into as many 6 inch circles as possible. Fold the fabric into quartes and pin all over the ball. Easy-Peasy… just a little time consuming. Then just take a styrofoam wreath form, covered it with ribbon and then use ribbon to tie it all together as a mobile. You can really use any fabric — if you use something thicker you would just use less fabric circles and if you use something like a jersey knit, you would just need to cut more circles. I would for sure go to Joanne’s, but just wait for their coupons so you can get a really great deal! Cheers! Jessica

  16. emily says:

    absolutely adorable!! where on earth did you find the black drum shade ceiling fixture?! i have searched endlessly……

  17. Chrystal says:

    hey i am in love with the room! i was wondering where you found the bookcase??

  18. Helene says:

    Hi! I was wondering where you got your dresser for the changing table? I love your nursery! I hope you and your little one are enjoying it! Thank you.

  19. So cute! I’m going to attempt that mobile to match our nursery theme! Our little girl is due in Feb.!

  20. Linzee Bonner says:

    How did you get your mobile to hang? I am making a similar mobile, and am unsure of how to hang it over the crib without looking tacky.

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Linzee — we used a stainless steel screw hook found at Home Depot. We’d love to see how your mobile turns out! Good luck! Cheers

  21. Carmen Morris says:

    I absolutely love this nursery. I was just wondering, what did you put in the jars above the changing table? I wanted to do something similar but I am having my first and am not sure what will be used to needed. Thanks!

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Carmen! So glad you love the nursery! Those jars have cotton balls and q-tips in them! Congrats on your first! XO

  22. Erin says:

    Hello! Love your nursery — I am working on the same color scheme for our little girl who is going to be born in July :) Wondering where you ordered the “You are my Sunshine” decal from. I have found some but really like the font in yours. Thanks!!

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Erin! So glad you love the post … the decal featured in this post came from an Etsy Shop. You can find it here. Also, check out our exclusive Petite Lemon collection of removable wall decals on Cheers!

  23. Lindsay says:

    I’m loving your nursery! We’re team yellow, bubba due in june and I’ve gone for greys, lemons and white…i just love your fabric balls and im gonna get to making them asap. When you say 3 yards of fabric how wide does the fabric need to be or is it 3yds x 3yds? Thanks :)

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Lindsay — so the standard fabric width is 44″, sometimes you’ll find 60″ but 44″ is most common. Either will work, it just will make the puffs larger if you use 60″. Cheers!

  24. Rhian says:

    I love your nursery!!!! It is perfect!! tI was just wondering where you got the adorable white elephant from!! I love it!!

  25. Amy says:

    Hi Jessica,
    Love your nursery! It is my total inspiration for my nursery for my little girl coming next month. Did you use different sized styrafoam balls like two 4″ and one 5″ OR are you saying either size works but do them all 4″ or all 5″? What size wreath did you use for the mobile?
    Also, I love the color scheme of yellow, gray, and white.
    The paint color on your walls is so pretty, it looks gray in the photo, and in the comment above you said it’s
    “Dulux/Glidden and the color is Legend Tan — its the perfect shade of gray!”. –I was just curious, so is it a tan or gray paint? The color on their website looks tan and that’s what it’s called. But you say it’s gray and it looks gray in your photos? Just curious! I’d love some tips from you!

    Amy :)

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Amy! I’m so glad you found inspiration in this beautiful nursery! To answer your questions, you can choose either 4″ or 5″size balls, either size works and you can choose to have them all be the same size OR use a few of each size (either will look DARLING). So those wreaths come in all sorts of sizes. A 12″ is pretty standard but if you wanted, you could do a 14″-16″ for a larger wreath or go smaller like an 8″-9″, depending in your space, how tall your ceilings are, etc. As far as the wall color goes, it’s kind of a mix between gray and tan. It’s almost like a “warm” gray … not too cold, but just enough gray to still keep things fresh and hip. Does that help? Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any further questions! Cheers & Congrats!! Jessica

  26. Amy says:

    Thank you so much, you’re awesome! :)

  27. Amanda says:


    • Jessica says:

      Hi Amanda — The Monkey is from the company Bholu Creatures, which is an Australian company that is awesome and all about fair trade, (the “creatures” are actually handmade by women in India. Cheers! Jessica

  28. Heather says:

    I love this.. I am due in January 2013 and this is what I was looking for but sadly the crib set is discontinued :(

  29. Jenny says:

    I love your nursery! We are using these same colors. I was wondering how you attached the ribbon to the balls for the mobile to get them to hang? I am currently making this but the balls seem slightly heavy and I am unsure of how to attach the ribbon so that the balls will not fall.

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Jenny — you can pin them in place to the foam balls and then also use a little dab of hot glue to really secure them in place. Cheers! Jessica

  30. Shanna says:

    This is so classy!
    Where did you find the crib and do remember what the wall color is?
    We love it!

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Shanna — fabulous! We’re so glad you dig this beautiful nursery. The paint is Dulux/Glidden and the color is Legend Tan. It’s kind of like a warmy gray. And then the crib is the Newport Cottages Panel Crib. Cheers! Jessica

  31. Kari says:

    Hi! Love the Pom Pom mobile! Making one for my lil ones room. So, when you say to cut out as many 6″ circles in the 3yrds, are you saying 6″ dia circles? Just want to be clear before I cut into the fabric.
    Thanks so much!

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Kari — yes yes, you are correct! And you can get more fabric and cut out more if you feel like it needs to look fuller! Cheers, Jessica

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  33. Amy says:

    Hi Jessica!
    Once again, I love your nursery! The alphabet poster on your wall, is the print a 16×20? Or what is the size of the print? Also, what size frame did you use?

    Amy :)

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Amy! Our alphabet posters are 16×20″ and fit into that same size frame. The frame shown in this blog post is from IKEA! Hope that helps. Cheers, Jessica

  34. Tiffany says:

    Where did you get the flower crib bumper?

  35. Tiffany says:

    Can I buy the bedding off you? :0)

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Tiffany — Petite Lemon sells personalized kids decor and tees! Maybe on Amazon or a local baby boutique could order it for you? Cheers, Jessica

  36. Stephanie says:

    This nursery is absolutely lovely! I’m looking into getting this same glider and I’d love to know how you’ve liked it, and what name of color/material this one is? Unfortunately I’m not able to find a “floor model” in any local stores so I’m nervous about ordering it!

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Stephanie — the Glider is awesome and it’s the Hagen, made by Best Chairs. It’s part of their Storytime Series! Cheers, Jessica

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  38. Lisa Smith says:

    Hello, I’m curious if you happen to remember the color name of the glider? (Great nursery, by the way!!)

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Lisa — yes yes, the chair is the “Hagen” made by Best Chairs… it’s part of their “Storytime Series”. Cheers! Jessica

      • Lisa Smith says:

        Thank you Jessica! I just looked it up and it seems that Hagen is the style name of the chair. I think the color might be “Shadow” or “Charcoal” but I can’t tell. Do either of those sound like they might be the color name? I really like the color of the one in your photo and I think it would be perfect for our nursery. Thanks again!! -Lisa

        • Jessica says:

          Hi Lisa — I think it is “charcoal”! I think its such a great neutral color to be enjoyed for years to come! Happy nursery decorating. Cheers, Jessica

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  40. Shelley says:

    I must know how did you make the hanging ball like things above the crib?! I hope you see my post! Thanks

  41. Shelley says:

    It does thanks!! Where did you buy yours at then?? Your awesome for helping me :)

    • Jessica says:

      We just found room inspiration online! Unfortunately- we’ve never made these cute little guys!

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