Last week we shared some of our favorite baby shower themes and we had a blast researching them — finding the coolest ideas online. So of course we just had to do it again, but this week we’re mixing it up a bit and focusing on birthday parties. For some initial inspiration we turned to our line of personalized tshirts for kids, as well as our personalized growth charts, then hit the interwebs to see how we could bring these fun themes to life.

We don’t know what it is about trucks, but our boys just love them so the Busy Bulldozer and Under Construction Big Brother Tshirt designs lend themselves perfectly for a birthday party theme.  Not only is this Construction themed décor adorable, the trucks will be played with for years to come.

We found this party on ProjectNursery

The Perfect Princess personalized growth chart is a bit of a given for inspiring a birthday party as it seems almost inevitable that at some point every little girl will want a princess party (or maybe it’s just us moms!). Between crowns, wands, and fairy tale themed invitations, there are so many ways to add a royal feel to any special soiree.

 We found this party invite idea on Pinterest

Boys and girls alike love our superhero designs, like our Super Sister Big Sister Tshirt and Superhero Name personalized Tshirts for kids,  so it’s an ideal theme with a ton of dynamite options for invitations (like our free downloable ones in pink/purple or red/blue), favors, treats, etc.

 We found these dessert ideas on Pinterest

Our Over the Rainbow Big Sister Tshirt brings Dorothy and all of the wonders of the Wizard of Oz to mind and we were blown away by all of the amazing ideas we found on One Charming Party. Any kid would be thrilled with this party!

 Fabulous Wizard of Oz party from OneCharmingParty

Which of these ideas is your favorite or do you have another party theme you love?

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