Birthday Theme: Balloons

Balloons are often thought of as a basic party element, but they can be so much more than just a simple bunch of inflated, colored spheres. We found some amazing birthday parties that bring out the very best in balloons and chose some 1st birthday tees and onesies that would make ideal outfits the birthday boy or girl could wear to each party.


1st Birthday Onesies with balloons on them would make ideal outfits for a Disney UP-themed birthday party, like this one we found on Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas blog that features a balloon sky and cloud background among its many cool and colorful elements.


This hot air balloon themed 1st birthday party we found on Kara’s Party Ideas blog brings together all of the colors of the rainbow and to make it even more festive, we’d dress our little one in a coordinating customized 1st birthday tshirt, like Playful Names from our line of personalized tshirts for kids, and have it say “Loves Hot Air Balloons” or “Is Happy to Be One.”


Seriously in love with this The Red Balloon-themed 1st birthday party we found on Lavender’s Blue Designs blog. We think the I LOVE (You Pick) design would make a sweet 1st birthday tshirt to wear at this party and we’d customize it to say I LOVE Red Balloons.

Perfect reminders of a little one’s special day, these 1st birthday onesies and tees make great baby keepsakes.

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