Petite Lemon Presents: Thank You Notes + Envelopes for 2014

We here at Petite Lemon not only love all things personalized baby gifts, but we have an intense love of paper — with our line of stationery, announcements and cards with So each January we create a new free download of note cards and thank cards for you and your children to use to send thanks for the wonderful gifts you received throughout the holiday season. This year we created 4 darling cards along with 2 colorful envelope to match your cards.


(Download our 2014 Notecards and Envelopes here)

Cute and colorful, our darling notecards are available in 4 designs and are perfect for writing a little note to a neighbor, thanks from your family or for a holiday gift. After you’re written your note, pop into the envelope (which you’ll make next!), add a stamp and pop in the mail! Your friends and family will love getting a little something fun and sweet from you.


To create our envelope, you will need card stock, scissors, ruler, X-Acto Knife, and a glue stick. To get started:

  1. print out envelope on white card stock
  2. cut envelope art out on the outer gray line
  3. using an X-Acto knife or blade, along with a ruler as a guide, lightly score along the red dashed lines (you are scoring facing out, on the side of the envelope where the art is showing — it seems weird, but that is correct)
  4. flip the envelope over, so now you are looking at the inside of it, and fold the side flaps in
  5. using a glue stick, add some glue towards the bottom of the side flaps
  6. fold the big, bottom flap up and seal onto the side flaps
  7. now you’ve made your very own envelope!
  8. include your note and seal with glue or washi tape!

2014_ThankYouCards_v3 Who will you send your notecards too?

Also — this holiday season, did you purchase a personalized growth chart, big sister tshirt, or big brother t shirt from us? We want to make sure you know everything needed to care for you personalized item. Read more about how to care for our personalized growth charts here. And we’ve also put together a post about how to care for personalized tees here and even a post about stain removal tips, read more here.

Happy New Year friends!

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