Petite Lemon Presents: Birthday Party Countdown Poster Freebie

Last month we created an oversized 1st Birthday Infographic, which was a big hit with our blog readers, as well as our followers on Instagram and Facebook, and we’re at it again! Not happy just designing our line of personalized baby gifts like big brother shirts and big sister shirts, we also love creating fab freebies, like this new birthday countdown poster, to help celebrate kids’ many milestones.


(Click here to download)

Similar to an advent calendar, this poster is a super fun way for kiddos to mark off the days until their birthday! Simply click to download and you’ll be directed to download a zipped folder which will include 1 poster and an instructions sheet. Our darling model Sophie is wearing our Colorful Number birthday tee.

And though this infographic can be used with any birthday party theme, we think a polka dot party would be especially fun. We went to one of our favorite resources for party ideas – Hostess With the Mostess – to find some super inspirational party pix.

Bright and playful, we love the Pretty Polka Dots & Pinwheels 1st Birthday Party and think the guest of honor would look perfect in either the Playful Party Hat or Cake Time 1st Birthday Shirts.


For this Beachy, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini themed party, we’d choose either the Happy Confetti or Balloon 1st Birthday Shirts in aqua to complement, not clash with the yellow.


This colorfully cute Purple Polka Dot Croc party is totally dialed in and kiddos will love wearing either the equally cheerful Birthday Girl or Growing Gator 1st Birthday Shirts.


And if you want some ideas for polka dot presents, consider a personalized growth chart, big brother t shirt or big sister tshirt. (Shown: Name It, Cheeky Dot, and Spell My Name personalized growth charts; Patterned Delight Big Sister Tshirt and Big Brother T shirt)


We hope these polka dot parties and presents inspire and that the birthday countdown infographic adds an extra bit of excitement to your wee one’s special day.

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2 Responses to Petite Lemon Presents: Birthday Party Countdown Poster Freebie

  1. Sylvia says:

    I recently tried to have this printed at Staples in the 36×48 size (engineering print), and the quality was awful. It had white streaks all around and looked very faded. They said it was due to the size, quality of paper and their black & white printers not having continuous ink flowing. They even called another local Staples and they said the same thing. They told me for better quality it would be $80+ for 1 copy. I was wondering how you got it printed and where? I tried to do an online order at FedexKinkos and it also starts at $80. Any help would be appreciated! Thank You!

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Syliva — we are so sorry you are experiencing trouble with our infograpphic poster! Hmmmm. So, engineering prints are printed on fairly thin paper with black ink only, which is why it’s so inexpensive for a big, awesome poster! Technically, they are used for blueprints/actual engineering layouts with lines and not laying down lots of ink. So we have experienced some minor streaks when we print ours, but not much. And we’ve printed big posters at both Staples and FedEx locations. I think that the Staple engineering printer that they are using must not print very well — is what I am going to guess. I would sent to FedEx and print as print as an engineering print with them. All print shops have different printing machines, so that may be the issue. I hope that helps Sylvia!!! Cheers, Jessica

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