Small Space Décor Inspiration – Closets Turned Playroom

By nature, our personalized growth charts are both functional and decorative, which makes them perfect for any nursery or children’s playroom, but especially ideal for small spaces that require items to be multi-purpose.

We know small spaces can be intimidating, so when we find ones that are done right, we just have to share. We rounded up a few different amazing closets that have been turned into perfect spaces for wee ones to live, learn, create, etc. And of course, we’ve selected one of our personalized growth charts that would work well with the design without using up too much space.

Closet_Personalized_Growth_Charts1 Closet_Personalized_Growth_Charts2

Smart usage of storage space turns this under the stairs storage space into an ideal spot for reading, creating or just chilling out.  Either the Design for Minikind personalized growth chart in yellow or black would work well with the colorfully Bohemian décor and could be hung on the striped wall. (Petite Party Studio on Project Nursery)


A mini-art studio offers endless hours of creative growth for little ones. The colored pencil design of the Color Me personalized growth chart could be hung on the door and be used to record height, as well as artistic achievements, like first self-portrait, specific animal(s), family pictures, etc. (Melissa Esplin)


If this shared playroom didn’t already include the Growing Giraffe personalized growth chart, we would recommend the Colorful Words personalized growth chart to go on the door of this closet turned library/reading room to help their vocabulary grow along with their height. (Ever Clever Mom)


This little book nook/hideaway/nap room/sleep over space under the stairs can’t be beat and will be used for years, which also makes it a great place to have a personalized growth chart, like the Cheeky Dot in beach blue. (Club.Chica Circle)

If you’ve created a cool playroom room for your kiddo, which of our personalized growth charts would work best in it?


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