Three Unique 1st Birthday Party Ideas

We’re always on the lookout for unique ideas for first birthday party ideas and we’ve recently found three different ideas that we had to share, they’re just that good! And of course if we knew someone who was having a similarly themed party, these are the 1st birthday shirts we’d give as personalized baby gifts.

Birthday_Personalized_Tees1 Birthday_Personalized_Tees2

We love maps in nursery décor so of course we’re crazy about this World Traveler Party theme to inspire a life of adventure and we think the Balloon 1st birthday tee would make a great gift. (One Charming Party)

Birthday_Personalized_Tees4 Birthday_Personalized_Tees3

Celebrated indoors or out, we want s’more of this campfire party theme and would give the sunset colored Watercolor Fun birthday tee to the guest of honor. (Sunshine Shabby)

Birthday_Personalized_Tees5 Birthday_Personalized_Tees6

Kids grow like weeds, so a fresh farmer’s market theme is very apropos and can help further develop a real love of fruits and vegetables. We’d choose the juicy hued Happy Confetti birthday tee as a gift. (100 Layer Cake-let)

Which of these unique 1st birthday themes is your favorite?

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