Movable Nursery Decor Ideas

If you’ve seen the movie Boyhood, you know what an incredible experience it was to watch Mason and Samantha (Ellar Coltrane and Lorelei Linklater, respectively) grow up over the course of almost three hours. We loved it, but one scene made us totally cringe – when Mason has to paint over the pencil marks on his bedroom wall marking his height when the family have to move. All we kept thinking was, “oh no, no no! He needs a personalized growth chart!”

It’s so painful to see those memories covered over with paint, but we know moving homes happens. And for some families, especially those in the military, it can happen a lot. That’s why we wanted to share some décor tips that anyone can use now that can also easily move right along with you if need be. Plus, having some consistency in a child’s room décor adds a sense of stability and is comforting for kids (and us adults too).


Gallery walls are such a big trend right now because they add interest, and a custom look, to a room. While they can be time consuming to create, if you’re using removable picture hangers (3M has a huge range of options), you can make a gallery art installation without ruining the wall or having to fill and paint over a bunch of hole when you move. You can then either recreate it exactly the same in your new space or mix things up a bit next time.


Removable wall stickers can be used to create a wallpaper-like design and add real impact to a room, but without the commitment of wallpaper or paint. While most can’t be reused once removed, they are a stylish way to make a room feel personalized.


Personalized growth charts of course are ideal because they’re as much decorative as they are a record of your child’s height and milestones, and you can bring them along no matter where or how often you move. (Shown: Sprinkled Flowers, Cheeky Dot, and Blast Off personalized growth charts)


Pennants continue to be a popular room décor trend and a DIY one, like the one here, allows you to make one that coordinates perfectly with your little one’s décor, plus it’s easy to pack up and move along with you.

And if you’re a renter, check out a few more tips here.

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